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MACHAMid-Atlantic Collegiate Hockey Association (est. 1997)
MACHAMichigan Automated Clearing House Association (now Payments Authority, Inc.)
MACHAMid-America Collegiate Hockey Association
MACHAMulti Agency Community Housing Association (est. 1991; Adelaide, South Australia, Australia)
MACHAMid-America College Health Association (American College Health Association)
MACHAMid-Atlantic Clearing House Association (Hanover, MD)
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To protest the detention of the two suspected facilitators of terrorists, the residents had staged a sit-in in the Doga Macha Madakhel village.
To protest against the arrest of these individuals, a group of people from Doga Macha village marched towards Khar Kamar check point and damaged the installed security barrier and raised anti state slogans however, Army showed restraint and did not respond.'
The father of three children, he married his third wife, Macha Meril, in 2014.
En conclusion, veremos someramente la secuela politica y social del proceso postrevolucionario en Macha Alasaya, y los efectos de la sindicalizacion en manos de dirigentes bilingues sobre la sociedad de los ayllus.
According to sources, Zafar has recorded a wedding number, titled Aafat Macha De, for indie filmmaker Hisham Bin Munawwar's debut feature, Ready Steady No , which stars Amna Ilyas and newcomer Faisal Saif.
The purpose of MACHA B was to provide a corridor on each side of the MACHA through which the delegations could travel to MACHA A for meetings.
Macha Ravi said that his wife, who works in Saudi Arabia was being allegedly tortured and was also confined in a bathroom for four days.
To increase and spread awareness on mental health, Sie Macha and Murphy Katigbak organized 'Toska: A Mental Health Art Exhibit,' held April 6 at Commune Cafe, Poblacion, Makati City.
Este es, en efecto, el contenido de Masks of Identity, el excelente libro coordinado por Gomez-Pellon y Macha. A lo largo de los nueve capitulos que componen esta recomendable obra, los autores van analizando las distintas maneras de construccion de la alteridad.
Igor Ardasev, Ivo Kahanek, Martin Kasik, Karel Kosarek, Vaclav Macha, Miroslav Sekera, Adam Skoumal, Daniel Wiesner--piano.
Bands on the bill include Macha, Clash Jam Wallop, Here To Help You Out and there will also be tunes from some top DJs including Robbie Dawnay.
BreadTalk's new collection comprises Salted Caramel Surprise, Chocolate Fudge Souffle, Cheesecake Originale and Oreo Cheesecake, as well as reinvented cakes from Bananarama, Black Forest, Strawberry Chantilly, Kopi Konnoisseur and Mango Paradiso to Azuki Macha, Peanut Butter Better and Bowled Over Tiramisu.