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MMIFMacrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor (immunology)
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The report provides comprehensive information on the Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor (Glycosylation-Inhibiting Factor or L-Dopachrome Isomerase or MIF or EC , targeted therapeutics, complete with analysis by indications, stage of development, mechanism of action (MoA), route of administration (RoA) and molecule type.
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The drug consists of a synthetic molecule that stops the biological activity of a protein called macrophage migration inhibitory factor, or MIF.
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KEY WORDS: Sepsis; Macrophage migration inhibitory factor; Circulation dysfunction; Cytokine
Adipocyte-secreted cytokines, such as tumor necrosis factor [alpha], interleukin 6, and macrophage migration inhibitory factor, (2,4) are known to be produced by macrophages.
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