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Consistent with other OCTA studies, in our series we observed that the superficial vascular network of some MacTel 2 patients was remarkably well preserved, even in advanced disease, while pronounced changes were evident in the deep capillary network.
The large blue "ATU" sign on the telephone operations headquarters building in midtown Anchorage was replaced with "ACS" and the MACtel sign on the Denali Street wireless office was replaced with an "ACS Wireless" sign.
According to Carl Reed, general manager of AT&T Wireless' Alaska operations, Mcaw beat MACtel by three weeks.
Headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska, the company provides these services as ATU Telecommunications, PTI Communications, ATU Long Distance, MACtel, and PTINet.
ACS is a sudden giant within Alaska--now ranking as the largest local exchange carrier in the state, and nationally in the top 15--the company serves the former customers of Anchorage Telephone Utility, Internet Alaska, MacTel and PTIAlaska and operates in more than 70 Alaska communities.