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MGMyasthenia Gravis
MGMorris Garages (UK sports car manufacturer)
MGMachine Gun
MGMinas Gerais (Brazil)
MGMetal Gear (game)
MGManagement Group
MGMedical Group
MGMajor General
MGMardi Gras
MGMorning Glory
MGMadagascar (ISO country code, top level domain)
MGMaster Gardener
MGMedia Gateway (packet based telephony; between PSTN and packet network)
MGMel Gibson (actor/producer)
MGMixed Grain (lumber industry)
MGMarvin Gaye (singer)
MGMahatma Gandhi
MGMagic Gate (Sony memory card DRM)
MGMiddle Ground (sprite comic website)
MGMean Girls (film)
MGMaschinengewehr (German: Machine Gun)
MGMatch Game
MGMini-Game (gaming)
MGMilitary Government
MGMachine Gunner
MGMain Gauche (accordion, left hand side)
MGMatt Groening
MGMiniature Golf
MGMilli Gazette (Indian newspaper)
MgMegagram (metric tonne)
MGMonitoring Group (supervisory body)
MGMarine Group
MGMonster Garage (Discovery Channel)
MGMetal Gate (semiconductors)
MGMolecular Geometry (chemistry)
MGMini-Gun (light machine gun)
MGManaging Gigabytes
MGMagic Gladiator (gaming)
MGMaximum Gain (antennas)
MGMongolian Grill (restaurant)
MGMetallgesellschaft (Frankfurt, Germany)
MGMaster Gunner (UK Military)
MGMissile Guidance (radar)
MGMetre-Gauge (railway)
MGMinimum Guarantee
MGMain Generator
MGMessage Generator
MGMultinational Group
MGMauser Gewehr (WWII German infantry)
MGMulti-Grid (algorithm)
MGMoongate (online game, now Materia Magica)
MGMedal for Gallantry (Australian Defence Force)
MGMenin Gate
mGMiles Gloriosus (gaming clan)
MGMinority Game (financial markets model)
MGMaxwell-Garnett (formula)
MGMarine Gunner
MGMessage Gateway
MGMario Guide (website)
MGMongomery Gentry (band)
MGMeibion Glyndwr (Welsh)
MGMorewood Gardens (Carnegie Mellon University)
MGMega Geek
MGMirovna Grupa
MGMean Grayness
MGMissing Grade (various schools)
MGMinister of the Gospel
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He was received by Madagascar Prime Minister Oliver Mahafaly Solonandrasana at the Antananarivo airport.
PACE, which is a three-year program budget support (2017-2019), also aims at consolidating the results achieved in previous Bank operations in the country: economic governance, energy sector reform 2016, but also the creation of favorable conditions for strong and inclusive economic growth in Madagascar.
pdf) repor t by the World Health Organization Thursday, a total of over 1,300 suspected cases of plague were reported in Madagascar, which resulted in 93 deaths.
WHO's Africa emergencies director, Ibrahima Soce Fall, said the organisation was racing to stop both the Madagascar plague and an outbreak of the Ebola-like Marburg virus in Uganda that it was confident it could contain.
Eating this fruit leaves crimson stains on people's faces and hands, and there is a "shame of poverty associated with these stains in Madagascar," an island nation 250 miles off the coast of mainland Africa, said Nancy McNally CRS information officer for East and Southern Africa.
Air Madagascar currently serves 27 destinations, with six aircraft and is the national airline of Madagascar, and the company controls several subsidiaries providing key aeronautical and ancillary services to a large range of clients, related to the transportation and tourism industries.
The GSMA, a body that represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide, has said that interoperable mobile money services have been launched in Madagascar.
Companies of Madagascar (GEM) in Ambohijatovoa (Madagascar), the employers' organization announced in a statement Saturday.
The Director of UNCTAD's Division on Investment and Enterprise, James Zhan, said that Madagascar needed targeted policies that can have an impact on increasing FDI inflows and on maximising its impact in boosting fiscal revenues, reducing poverty, creating jobs, and building its entrepreneurial capabilities which together determine the capacity of Madagascar to produce goods and services.
Indeed, the highest deforestation rate for dry forests in Africa between 1980 and 2000 has been observed in Madagascar with a loss of 18% (Miles et al.
Exxon's affiliates resumed exploration in Madagascar in 2013 after a four-year pause due to a force majeure declared after the 2009 coup on the Indian Ocean island.
But it eventually settles into a rhythm, and readers will appreciate Jolly's keen observation skills, sense of humor, humility and love of Madagascar.