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MMESMartin Marietta Energy System
MMESModern Middle East Studies (college course title; various locations)
MMESMann-Monroe Elementary School (Everett, Pennsylvania)
MMESMobile Medical Emergency Service (Leipzig, Germany)
MMESMicro-Media Enteric System (enteric bacteria identification method)
MMESMaintenance Management Expert System (facility maintenance management software)
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And that great good-for-nothing, mademoiselle," resumed Madame de Saint-Remy, pointing to Malicorne, "is he here to do any good, I ask you?
I thank you in the name of my face, madame," said Malicorne.
There was not much to amuse in the room; of which the most attractive feature was, a half-length portrait in oil, of Mr Mantalini, whom the artist had depicted scratching his head in an easy manner, and thus displaying to advantage a diamond ring, the gift of Madame Mantalini before her marriage.
I AM miserable,' returned Madame Mantalini, evidently pouting.
I turned the door-handle, and in an instant had crossed the fatal threshold, closed the door behind me, and stood in the presence of Madame Pelet.
This was a woman, too, and, moreover, an old woman, and as fat and as rubicund as Madame Pelet was meagre and yellow; her attire was likewise very fine, and spring flowers of different hues circled in a bright wreath the crown of her violet-coloured velvet bonnet.
said Madame Defarge, raising her eyebrows with a cool business air.
Lucien had found time, preparatory to the count's arrival, to relate many particulars respecting him to Madame Danglars.
I grant it, monsieur," replied Madame de Chevreuse with her most gracious smile.
Madame de Cintre bows her head and folds her wings.
The child made no objection, but Felicite sighed and thought Madame was heartless.
Athanase sat still, with his eyes fixed on Madame du Ronceret's cards, in a stupor that might so well pass for indifference that Madame Granson herself was deceived about his feelings.