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MADDYMothers Association Against Drugs Drinking for Young (Missouri)
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However, when she was three weeks short of being full-term, Maddy started to feel unwell and had to be induced.
Several sexual encounters between Maddy and Albert are handled thoughtfully.
Previously chief executive of The Life Changes Trust and Stroke Association (Scotland), Maddy has dedicated her career to the charity sector.
So 5ft 4in Maddy changed her life by giving up fast food and getting fit.
Maddy is a character that many readers will readily engage with.
Despite her condition, Maddy, now 34, is tackling the London Marathon this year and will be the first dialysis patient to ever do so.
Over the course of her remarkable career, Maddy Prior has made it her mission to work with some of the most exceptional musicians in the world - both within Steeleye Span and beyond.
Maddy: How is playing in the pit and Metropolitan Opera Hall?
That journey out of the darkness is handled brilliantly, allowing readers to see how Maddy turns to her drawing and to the class novel project to find ways to make sense of the emotional pain that has enveloped her.
Joe and Australian Maddy, a beautician, had been friends for a number of years and had worked together at the Hog's Breath Cafe in Noosa, Queensland.
The heartbreaking details emerged as Maddy's family waited to receive her body back home in Noosa, Queensland.