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MAERMaximum Allowable Emission Rate
MAERMeta-Analysis of Economic Research (network)
MAERMultiple Assets Effectiveness Report
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Legacy Construction's lawyer Apolonio Mayuga and a Maer Summit representative, meanwhile, met with PCIJ in person.
Charles and Emma were married at Maer Hall in January of 1839; he
Following that first diagnosis, Maer says, "Bob did everything in his power to continue his lifelong pursuits of travel and enjoying fine food.
The mood for Puccini's 1904 tale of sexual exploitation, directed by Maer Gronsdal, was set on the Persephone Theatre stage.
Maer niet een traan ontsijgt dees vrouw, De moeder lijd de grootste straf.
In the June 26, 1991, issue of Outweek, a pioneering but short-lived gay and lesbian newsmagazine out of New York City, a 24-year-old Iranian-Jewish gay journalist named Maer Roshan authored a piece that declared: "The '90s have become the media age for queers."
hvor syngur fyri maer vid lungum sum hysa einum asfaltsverki um
Potential participants were notified about the online surveys through announcements and flyers distributed at the 2012 conference of the Michigan Chapter (MAER) of the Association for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired (AER) and postings on vision professional electronic discussion groups (MAER, O&M, AER).
Keen swimmers of all shapes, sizes and species are well catered for at Maer Hills House in Wood Lane, Blackbrook, Staffordshire.
Giving evidence here to the Al Sweady Inquiry, then Lieutenant-Colonel Matthew Maer, however, said he does not remember issuing an order to destroy all photographs of dead or injured Iraqis four days after the bodies of 20 dead Iraqis were handed back to their families.
Some of the participating creatives include DeeAnn Budney, The Hive; Kelli Robertson, Goodby, Silverstein; Kammie McArthur, Swirl; Sue DeSilva, Hill Holliday; Libby DeLana, Mechanica; Alyssa Toro, Connelly; Helen Keighron, Mullen; Jenn Maer, IDEO; Christine Pillsbury, Beam; Libby Brockhoff, Odysseus Arms; Jen Putnam and Melanie Nayer, SapientNitro; Lotus Child, Liquid; and Rebecca Rivera of The 3% Conference.
In 1860, Story had written an essay in which he mentioned that in Staffordshire he had known "the late Mr Wedgwood, of Maer, son of the great potter" and that I Josiah II (1769-1843) had given him the medallion portrait of his father together with the information that it was made from "the Botany Bay clay".