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MAERAMid-America Equipment Retailers Association
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I also saw Maera and Clymene and hateful Eriphyle, who sold her own husband for gold.
There were also Clymene, Ianeira and Ianassa, Maera, Oreithuia and Amatheia of the lovely locks, with other Nereids who dwell in the depths of the sea.
Maera Kennel specialises in both importing and breeding dogs, as well as providing hostel services for those who are going out of town and want to leave their dogs in good hands.
The birthing woman lies flat; her husband lies flat; Ole Andreson and Jack Brennan and Manuel Garcia Maera lie flat, resisting or resigned to death; a white man about to be hanged lies flat on his cot with a blanket around his head; an Indian lies face down in the sand on the Fourth of July.
maera, all individuals, following hibernation as third instar larvae, pupated between May 15 and June 12; that is, the late larval instars occurred before summer solstice in each case [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED].
Gemunde tha se goda, Gethenc nu, se maera Gespraec tha se goda Ahleop dha se gomela,
The purpose of this consultation is to coordinate the safety and health protection of workers on the extension and adaptation of the MAERA wastewater treatment plant, as well as on the demolition of certain structures Unused from the current station.
Serving as a banderillero for Belmonte, Maera one day asked for an increase in wages and was refused.
Contract notice: Technical inspection mission for the Maera Wastewater Treatment Plant extension and adaptation project.
Maera lay still, his head on his arm, his face in the sand.
Milne Edwards, 1834) Stenetrium stebbingi 5 5 Pd, B Richardson, 1902 Anopsilana jonesi 1 1 Uf Kensley, 1987 Cirolana parva 10 6 4 Pd, Csp, B Hansen, 1890 Paracerceis caudata 90 70 20 Pd, Csp, Hi, Sz, B (Say, 1818) Cymodoce ruetzlery 4 4 Pd, Csp, Var, B Kensley, 1984 Erichsonella filiformis 2 2 Csp, B (Say, 1818) Leucothoe spinicarpa 1 1 Var (Abildgaard, 1798) Elasmopus rapax 4 3 1 Pd, Uf, B Costa, 1853 Maera inaequipes 15 9 6 Csp, Var (A.