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MAESAMeasurements for Assessing the Effects of Stratospheric Aircraft (NASA)
MAESAMid-Atlantic Episcopal Schools Association
MAESAMeasurements of the Atmospheric Effects of Stratospheric Aircraft Experiment
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"This breakthrough technology allows the realistic, photographic quality decoration to cover 100% of the tube's surface area, for a seamless look," says Scott Kestenbaum, senior vice president, Maesa Group, which designed the packaging.
According to Maesa, the exclusive deal with Walmart has eliminated the need for a sales force.
In collaboration with Ulta and Maesa, makeup expert Fiona Stiles devised 120 custom formulations in eye, lip and face that hit Ulta stores in February.
Payless Brash Fragrance cap, designed by Maesa Studio, is a nice example of how to bring design and materials to set a very high bar for mass market fragrance that retails for $19.99, Kestenbaum says.
Maesa said the addition of P2 Cosmetics, sold exclusively at DM, Germany's largest drug store retailer, expands its portfolio of exclusive beauty brands, which include Flower for Walmart, Circa for Walgreens and Elle for French retailer Monoprix.
Maesa's founder and CEO Gregory Mager credits organic growth, strategic acquisition and a unique turnkey beauty business model with the company's 4,639% revenue growth.
Actress Eva Mendes is the creative director and the face behind Circa, produced for Walgreens by Maesa Group (the creator of Flower by Drew Barrymore).
"From a factory-driven business organized by type of commodities, it has evolved into a full-service business driven by design, innovation and supply chain management," says Greg Mager, co-chairman and founder of Maesa. Maesa envisions the contract arena as being just one part of a more holistic approach to beauty category management.
Mendes is working with Walgreens and manufacturer Maesa to help craft the marriage of classic Hollywood style and market-leading formulations.
* Maesa Divisions: Packaging, Beauty and Home--designs, engineers and manufactures creative packaging components, promotional products, turnkey beauty and home fragrance products for leading retailers and brands.
Scott Kestenbaum has been promoted to senior vice president of Maesa Packaging.
Also, Hayley Landry, Natasha Lynch, Carolyn Miller, Brittany Moniz, Paloma Moreta De Esteban, Dora Mwangi, Katelyn Palladino, Cassandra Peltola, Susan Perreault, Maesa Phongsamouth, Nicole Piermarini, Kerry Pintabona, Alicia Ranucci, Kelley Ray, Cassandra Rivard, Gladys Rivera-Rivera, Sarah Roberge, Nichole Rota, Joanna Rydzefski, Angelina Spagnoli, Kathy Tran, Tamara Verhyen, Brian Yi