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For example, Ae Maew, a hardworking girl and good daughter, has struggled from Laikha in Shan State to Taiwan and is devoted to supporting her family.
"Pictorial Scoop: Tohn: Maew Taluy Mueang [Tohn: Hmong wanders in the city]." Chiwit Chiwaa (Bangkok, Thailand) 1993, pp.
(38.) "Maew meen siang thuang duen naa bang soon biib choonsidang" (Thaksin ignores sounds of protest, moves ahead to divide zones, pressure "red bandits"); Manager Online, note 36, Feb.
Anti-Thaksin videos and satirical Chinese political plays flourished, and restaurants all over town were running out of gourd-leaf stir-fry--ordering "fahk maew" allowed diners to enjoy a tasty dish and swear in English at the prime minister, often called "Maew," a derogatory ethnic slur for the Hmong people who live near Thaksin's Chiang Mai hometown.