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MAFACMarshall Area Fine Arts Council (Marshall, MN)
MAFACMarine Fisheries Advisory Committee
MAFACManagers Association of Financial Advisors of Canada (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
MAFACMarine Air Facility (US Navy)
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"The Mafac machines effectively remove all contaminants and debris left from the manufacturing processes."
Kawasaki exploits this patented feature in a Mafac Elba machine in both production lines, rocking a basket of pump internal components back and forth while spraying the load through 360 degrees.
In the case of the K3VL line, a Mafac Java machine performs this duty, while a pre-existing machine cleans K3V castings in the other line.
The Java differs from the other Mafac machines in that it is capable of fully immersing the load in the wash chamber, as well as being able to spray and contra-rotate the basket in both stages.
Mr Wilday added, The large inspection windows in the Mafac machines, which clearly show the high degree of turbulence created, impress quality auditors from our customers when they visit our factory.
"IB Industries introduced us to MAFAC, who were exceptionally professional and very impressive," says Mr Hickling.
After careful consideration Clarcor opted to install a MAFAC Elba 100, which with its 1000 by 400 by 300mm basket size could cater for the company's entire range of end caps at the desired throughput.
"The MAFAC Elba 100 has transformed our cleaning operations," says Mr Hickling.
All models are equipped with the exclusive MAFAC Machine Control, which combines an easy-to-use operator interface with a plain text display.
Due to the hard water in the northwest of England, Clarcor also purchased a deionising unit from MAFAC to avoid the potential for detergent stains, while the company also acquired a special micro filtration unit via IB Industries in order to separate the oils and recycle the water back to the system.