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MaggieMagnetic Detector
MaggieMajor Ageing and Gender Issues in Europe (EU)
MaggieMid-America Gender Group Information Exchange (St. Louis, MO)
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Across the floor Maggie sailed like a coquettish yacht convoyed by a stately cruiser.
Terry O'Sullivan," was Maggie's formula of introduction.
"Maggie Toole's got a fellow at last," was the word that went round among the paper-box girls.
Usually at the weekly hops Maggie kept a spot on the wall warm with her back.
"Oh, well," said Maggie, rather foiled by Luke's unexpectedly decided views about Dutchmen, "perhaps you would like 'Animated Nature' better; that's not Dutchmen, you know, but elephants and kangaroos, and the civet-cat, and the sunfish, and a bird sitting on its tail,--I forget its name.
"Why, you're like my brother Tom, Luke," said Maggie, wishing to turn the conversation agreeably; "Tom's not fond of reading.
"Dead!" screamed Maggie, jumping up from her sliding seat on the corn.
"Oh dear, Luke," said Maggie, in a piteous tone, while the big tears rolled down her cheek; "Tom told me to take care of 'em, and I forgot.
"Say, Pete," said Maggie, leaning forward, "dis is great."
Pete took Maggie's arm and pushed a way for her, offering to fight with a man or two.
They reached Maggie's home at a late hour and stood for a moment in front of the gruesome doorway.
Maggie laughed, as if startled, and drew away from him.