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MPEFMeteorological Products Extraction Facility
MPEFMorning Peak Expiratory Flow
MPEFMaghreb Private Equity Fund
MPEFMission Populaire Evangélique de France
MPEFMaritime Provinces Education Foundation
MPEFMulti-Purpose Entertainment Facility
MPEFMuseo Paleontológico Egidio Feruglio (Patagonia, Argentina)
MPEFMattawan Public Education Foundation
MPEFMarriott Property Equity Fund
MPEFMinnesota Professional Engineers' Foundation
MPEFMuscle Pump Ejection Fraction
MPEFManagement Programme for Entrepreneurial Firms
MPEFMouse Primary Embryonic Fibroblast
MPEFMulti-Photon Excited Fluorescence
MPEFMultipurpose Electric Furnace
MPEFMuscle Pump Expulsion Fraction
MPEFMost Probable Equipment Failure
MPEFMemorándum de las Políticas Económicas y Financieras
MPEFMulti-Polar Electromagnetic Field
MPEFMontreal Protocol Environmental Fund
MPEFMarcoPolo Education Foundation
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Le meme jour, AfricInvest Fund III LLC, de nationalite mauricienne, qui detenait de concert avec MAGHREB PRIVATE EQUITY FUND III PCC (MPEF III) 4073 805 actions et droits de vote representant 7,6% du capital de la societe One Tech Holding -OTH-, a declare avoir franchi de concert a la hausse, le 22 decembre 2015, le seuil de 10% des actions et des droits de vote suite a l'acquisition en bourse de 5031 959 actions et droits de vote representant 9,4% du capital de la societe.
Reunie le 20 mais, l'AGO de One Tech Holding de Moncef Sallami, a pris acte de l'entree d'un nouvel actionnaire, Maghreb Private Equity Fund III PCC, au capital d'OTH avec une participation de 7,6%.
Chakrabarti signed EBRD s first investment on October 22 which totaled to 20 million Euros, in the Maghreb Private Equity Fund III (MPEF III).
EBRD President Sir Suma Chakrabarti signed the EBRD's first investment in a fund in the two countries, a EoAeu20 million commitment in the Maghreb Private Equity Fund III (MPEF III).
The company which produces fuel and oil filters for cars, is expanding its operations in Algeria thanks to an investment made possible by the Maghreb Private Equity Fund II (MPEF II) of an amount of some 124,5 million Euros.
Finally, , in July 2011, the Bank invested 20 million in the Maghreb Private Equity Fund III ( Tuninvest Finance Group) to support investments in the private sector.