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mgMyasthenia Gravis
mgMorris Garages (UK sports car manufacturer)
mgMachine Gun
mgMinas Gerais (Brazil)
mgMetal Gear (game)
mgManagement Group
mgMedical Group
mgMajor General
mgMardi Gras
mgMorning Glory
mgMadagascar (ISO country code, top level domain)
mgMaster Gardener
mgMedia Gateway (packet based telephony; between PSTN and packet network)
mgMedical Genetics
mgMalachite Green (dye)
mgMagical Girl (fiction genre; Japan)
mgMiddle Grade
mgMunicipal Government
mgMel Gibson (actor/producer)
mgMixed Grain (lumber industry)
mgMinister of the Gospel
mgMarvin Gaye (singer)
mgMahatma Gandhi
mgMagic Gate (Sony memory card DRM)
mgMiddle Ground (sprite comic website)
mgMean Girls (film)
mgMaschinengewehr (German: Machine Gun)
mgMatch Game
mgMini-Game (gaming)
mgMilitary Government
mgMachine Gunner
mgMain Gauche (accordion, left hand side)
mgMatt Groening
mgMissing Grade (various schools)
mgMeiji Gakuin University (also seen as MGU; Japan)
mgMiniature Golf
mgMilli Gazette (Indian newspaper)
mgMegagram (metric tonne)
mgMonitoring Group (supervisory body)
mgMarine Group
mgMonster Garage (Discovery Channel)
mgMarker Group (various locations)
mgMetal Gate (semiconductors)
mgMolecular Geometry (chemistry)
mgMini-Gun (light machine gun)
mgManaging Gigabytes
mgMagic Gladiator (gaming)
mgMaximum Gain (antennas)
mgMongolian Grill (restaurant)
mgMetallgesellschaft (Frankfurt, Germany)
mgMaster Gunner (UK Military)
mgMissile Guidance (radar)
mgMetre-Gauge (railway)
mgMinimum Guarantee
mgMain Generator
mgMessage Generator
mgMultinational Group
mgMauser Gewehr (WWII German infantry)
mgMulti-Grid (algorithm)
mgMoongate (online game, now Materia Magica)
mgMedal for Gallantry (Australian Defence Force)
mgMenin Gate
mgMiles Gloriosus (gaming clan)
mgMinority Game (financial markets model)
mgMaxwell-Garnett (formula)
mgMiddle Gimbal (astronomy)
mgMarine Gunner
mgMessage Gateway
mgMario Guide (website)
mgMongomery Gentry (band)
mgMeibion Glyndwr (Welsh)
mgMorewood Gardens (Carnegie Mellon University)
mgMega Geek
mgMirovna Grupa
mgMachinist's Mate, Industrial Gas Generating Mechanic (US Navy)
mgMean Grayness
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The second film, Brave Story, which was first presented in 2006, adapted from the fictional writings of Japanese author Myaba Miyuki, talks about the life of a child in an elementary school stage tries to help his ill mother who is separated from his father by crossing through a magic gate leading to another world that provides him with a power assists him to restore a happy life with his parents.
A statement issued by the Department of Customs said Singh was carrying silver and gold jewellery, Sony magic gate memory sticks (16gb and 8 gb), PCBs and micro sd card adapters.
With its proximity to central London, Sandown should be like a magic gate through which the first-time racegoer enters a whole new world.
Ali soon learns that she is the "reincarnation" of the fairy queen Geea and must climb the 14,000 feet to the top of nearby Pete's Peak to claim the Yanti, a magic gate Lord Vak, king of the elves, and Lord Balar, king of the dwarves, plan to use to invade human Earth.
95) is Book One of 'The Gateway Trilogy' : here a girl whose mother lies in a coma turns into a fantasy involving a forest magic gate and four animal friends transformed by the gate to real warriors, animals, and changed companions.
El modelo es MEX-1HD y cuenta con un disco duro de 10GB, el cual permite almacenar mas de 165 horas de musica; ademas del disco duro, que es su caracteristica principal, tambien puede reproducir CD-R/RW, MP3 y ATRAC3, a traves de la tarjeta Memory Stick Magic Gate.
Users can move music from the internet on to something called a Magic Gate Memory Stick - a thumb-sized card that fits into the Walkman.
The Microsoft alliance will not preclude Sony from using either proprietary technology developed by its parent, such as Super Magic Gate or OpenMG, or other formats in development.