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AS A HUDDLE of 40 excited tourists shuffles down a Wavertree back alley, an errant scrambler bike hurtles down the high street, briefly drawing their eyes away from their selfies, this is what it's like spending an afternoon on the Magical Mystery Tour bus.
Allowing their rivals to romp to the title by a 10-point margin and then go on to dominate English football for 20 years while Leeds went on a magical mystery tour of the lower leagues.
From their early days gigging at Liverpool's Cavern Club and Hamburg's red-light district to their final tour, of North America, Howard takes us on a magical mystery tour with the world's greatest group.
M T Hancock's magical mystery tour on the 900 bus to Birmingham raised a smile (Letters, July 3).
The high energy show started with Magical Mystery Tour and I Want To Hold Your Hand.
QI own The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour book with 2 EPs.
There follows a magical mystery tour into the Land Of The Remembered and the Land Of The Forgotten where we meet a variety of wonderful characters voiced by Placido Domingo, Cheech Marin and Ice Cube.
Whether you're a Day Tripper or you've got a ticket to ride, a Fool on the Hill or a Nowhere Man, Beatles For Sale will take you on a Magical Mystery Tour through some of the Beatles' most beloved hits.
Harrison can be seen rehearsing with the guitar on I Am The Walrus during the Magical Mystery Tour film of September 1967.
Harrison can be seen rehearsing with the guitar on 'I Am The Walrus' during the Magical Mystery Tour of September 1967.
The Beatles famously had their Magical Mystery Tour bus, which they loaded with family and friends for their 1967 movie.
Ringo Starr appears in Arena The Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour Revisited, BBC2, tonight, 9.