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Study of the field around magnetic force microscopy probes using electron holography.
While the structural characterization of nanoparticle assemblies is usually performed with transmission electron, scanning electron or atomic force microscopy, X-ray diffraction, and so forth, the magnetic states are characterized by different techniques such as SQUID magnetometry, ac susceptometry, Mossbauer or muon spectroscopy, neutron scattering, and magnetic force microscopy.
Silicon MFM (magnetic force microscopy) probes are suited for the visualization of magnetic domains.
The report concludes that the recent advent of such technologies as scanning tunneling, microscopy, magnetic force microscopy, and electron microscopy are opening the field to public investment and significant progress in the years ahead.
Applications are found in magnetic force microscopy (MFM), conductance and those where the sample has a dependence on the applied field.
Veeco Instruments has announced the release of the Digital Instruments EnviroScope Atomic Force Microscope System for a range of applications, including advanced material science, electrochemistry, magnetic force microscopy, and polymer and life science studies.
In the past decade, magnetic force microscopy (MFM) has found numerous applications in the study of magnetic materials.
Nowadays, the magnetic force microscopy (MFM) is advanced well established surface-sensitive technique for magnetic domain observations in a variety of magnetic materials (e.g., recording media [14], particles [15], nanocomposites [16,17], amorphous and/or nanocrystalline alloys [1820], and thin films [21]).
The morphology and surface magnetic properties were measured using the atomic-force microscope (AFM) Attotube AFM1 including magnetic force microscopy (MFM) mode.