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QTMQ-T Measured (measured Q-T interval)
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We digitized slug positions (pixel coordinates) and orientations (magnetic headings calibrated by the compass video) every 30 s.
In 5-6-2 you'll find a controller is to "Vector aircraft by specifying: Direction of turn, if appropriate, and magnetic heading to be flown, or ...
From 20:54:47 to 20:55:24 (37 seconds), the airplane's magnetic heading was 210 degrees with an average groundspeed of 116 knots.
Over the course of the next four hours (we had some nice tailwinds), the actual nose of the airplane didn't turn left or right, but our course to steer on the GPS and our magnetic heading changed to 099.
Debris from the aircraft was spread throughout the approximate 897-foot long wreckage path, which was oriented on a magnetic heading of about 237 degrees.
Consider a Runway 9 departure, where the runway has an actual magnetic heading of 090.
Regardless, if you're a little rusty on performing wind triangles on your E-6B, don't forget winds aloft are given in true values, and you'll eventually want to convert the results to a magnetic heading.
Drift correction shall not be applied; e.g., Runway 4, actual magnetic heading of the run way centerline 044, fly 044."