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MAGNAVMagnetic Navigation
MAGNAVMagnetometer-Based Autonomous Satellite Navigation
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Shivkumar, "Catheter ablation utilizing remote magnetic navigation: a review of applications and outcomes," Pacing and Clinical Electrophysiology, vol.
Remote Magnetic Navigation. The remote magnetic navigation system used to control catheter navigation in the present study consists of 2 independent but communicating components: the NIOBE/EPOCH (Stereotaxis, St.
La estrategia de busqueda se elaboro mediante la utilizacion y combinacion de los descriptores MeSH: "electrophisiologic techniques'", "magnetics", "stereotaxic techniques'", "heart catheterization'", "catheter ablation'" y los terminos de busqueda libre "Niobe", "magnetic navigation system'", "intracardiac'" y "guidance'".
Also, Tamas Szili-Torok, MD of Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam and Jinjin Wu, MD of the German Heart Center in Munich presented their experiences with the Niobe Remote Magnetic Navigation System and the treatment of arrhythmias in children.
Both the robotic and the magnetic navigation systems are located outside of the procedure room, meaning the physicians don't have to wear heavy lead vests to protect them from radiation during the course of a 10- to 12-hour day, which subsequently reduces back and leg pain and fatigue.
Magnetic navigation markers are installed in the floor, the program is downloaded to the "intelligent" Siemens Dematic AGVs, and the task is complete.
Focusing on the core competency of the company, Magnetic Navigation, Stereotaxis partnered with Siemens Medical Systems to integrate state of the art imaging with Magnetic Navigation.
Siemens has announced the development of a digital imaging system that can work with magnetic navigation systems for interventional medicine.
His explanation that solar flares had disrupted the earth's magnetic field and interfered with the pigeons' navigation shows just how commonly accepted the idea of magnetic navigation in pigeons is.
Contract notice: service system magnetic navigation stereotactic niobe
The Niobe Remote Magnetic Navigation System is designed to enable physicians to complete more complex interventional procedures by providing image guided delivery of catheters and guidewires through the blood vessels and chambers of the heart to treatment sites.
The company received the grants for 2009 and 2010 projects related to its Niobe Remote Magnetic Navigation System and Odyssey system, which are designed to provide a safer and more effective healthcare solution for treating heart arrhythmias using magnetic catheters within the heart.