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MTMontana (US postal abbreviation)
MTMountain Time
MTManual Transmission (automotive)
MTMetric Ton
MTMedical Technologist
MTMagnetic Tape
MTMedical Transcriptionist
MTMeasurement Ton
MTMultiple Threads / Multi-Threaded (computing term)
MTMotor Trend (magazine)
MTMy Time
MTMusic Therapy
MTManagement Team
MTMessage Type
MTMusical Theater
MTMaat (German military)
MTMean Time
MTMatthew (Bible)
MTMillion Tons
MTMother Tongue
MTMovable Type (web publishing system)
MTMassage Therapist
MTMidtown (neighborhood; band)
MTMathematics Teaching (Journal)
MTMato Grosso (Brazil)
MTMedical Tribune
MTMorse Taper
MTManufacturing Technology
MTMachine Translation
MTMatera (Italy)
MTMetatrader (software)
MTMaintenance Technician
MTMoving Target
MTMotor Transport
MTMidas Touch
MTMeal Ticket
MTMuay Thai (Thai martial art)
MTMinistry Team (US DoD)
MTMasoretic Text (Jewish Bible)
MTMission Trajectory
MTMegaTokyo (anime)
MTMegaTokyo (webcomic)
MTMain Track (railroads)
MTMobile Terminal
MTMagnetic Particle Testing (welding)
MTMatanzas (postcode, Cuba)
MTMy Turn (gaming)
MTMozilla Thunderbird
MTMinor Threat (band)
MTMain Tank (gaming)
MTMother Theresa
MTMathematics Teacher (journal of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics)
MTMedium Truck
MTMaintenance Trainer
MTMaximum Torque
MTMobile Terminated (telecommunications)
MTMarket Turbulence
MTMarianas Trench (band)
MTMembrane Type
MTMaintenance Test
MTMegaTokyo (comic strip)
MTMannesmann Tally (printing)
MTMarine Transportation
MTMetric Tonne
MTMersenne Twister (number generator)
MTMultiple Threats (US DoD)
MTMeitnerium (element 109)
MTMasterpiece Theater (PBS show)
MTMission Time
MTMessage Transfer
MTMilitary Transport
MTMori Trust (real esate; Japan)
MTMortise and Tenon (woodworking)
MTMedial Temporal (brain)
MTMick Taylor (Rolling Stones member)
MTMeasurement Technology
MTMobile Team
MTModified Tweet (Twitter)
MTMark Time
MTMember Training
MTMidwifery Today
MTMedia Tensión (Spanish: Medium Voltage)
MTMirage Tank (Westwood Studios)
MTModule Test
MTMeasured Time
MTMembership Training
MTMechanical Transport
MTMobile Transporter
MTModus Tollens
MTMicroType (typing teaching software)
MTMinistry of Shipping (British archival material; Stanford University; Stanford, CA)
MTMorningthaw (gaming, Asheron's Call)
MTMedieteknik (Swedish)
MTMechanical Time (Fuze)
MTMechanical Time (artillery fuze)
MTMixing Tank
MTMarine Technician
MTMaritime Tropical (weather; air mass)
MTMotor Tanker
MTMaster of Technology (degree program)
MTMode Transition
MTMean Tide
MTMagister's Terrace (gaming, World of Warcraft)
MTModern Trade
MTMississauga Transit (Canada)
MTMissile Technician
MTMistell (gaming)
MTMilchtrinker (gaming clan)
MTMeningitis Trust (UK)
MTMonon Trail (Indiana)
MTMuscle Thickness
MTMobile Target
MTMiss Type
MTMother Tincture
MTMeditación Trascendental (Spanish)
MTMaryland Theatre
MTMach Technologies
MTMedial Temporal Cortex (part of brain)
MTMana Tombs (gaming)
MTMission Test
MTMaster Trooper
MTMoluccas Time (GMT+0830)
MTMiss Tell (gaming)
MTMas Tequila
MTMegger Test (insulation resistance)
MTMemoria de Traducción (Spanish: Translation Memory)
MTManagement Threshold
MTMessage Transmit
MTMedium Terminal
MTMovement Tracker
MTMaximum Tillering
MTMissionary Servants of the Most Holy Trinity (religious order)
MTMode Transducer
MTMouse Times (message board)
MTModechart Toolset
MTMugglethai (website)
MTMachina Terra (game)
MTMadness Temple (forum)
MTMilitiae Templi (gaming clan)
MTMobius Transformation
MTMetering Tank
MTMansfield Typewriter
MTMaster's of Taxation
MTModtacular Clan (gaming group)
MTMinistria e Transportit (Albanian: Ministry of Transport)
MTMerit Transportation Company
MTManitoba Transit (Canadian public transit website)
MTModerator Detritiation
MTMáfia do Tom
MT(USN Rating) Missile Technician
MTModulation Thermography
MTMilitary Technician/Training
MTMission Trainer/Training
MTMechanical Time/Transport
MTMittel Trage (Semi-Delay)
MTMeguma Terrain
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- Magnetic Particle Testing (MPT) (Technique) Competitor Revenue Share (in %) in the US: 2019 & 2022
Sogec's main activities and services are: Cathodic protection systems for pipe lines, tanks, offshore structure; AC interference and mitigation; non destructive testing including radiography testing, ultrasonic examination, liquid penetrant testing, magnetic particle testing, tank and floor mapping; post weld heat treatment and pre-heating, normalising, solution heat treatment, refractory dry out, paint curing, hardness testing, calibration services, internal firing and furnace firing services; coating, welding inspection and supply of QA/QC inspectors; survey, design, manufacture, supply, install, testing and commissioning of online waste water and chlorine analysers; and bulk plant up-grading and maintenance.
Intending the work as a supplement to the required hands-on laboratory and field training, he offers 14 chapters discussing acoustic emissions, electromagnetic testing method, laser testing methods, leak testing methods, liquid penetrant tests, magnetic particle testing, neutron radiographic testing, radiographic testing method, thermal/infrared testing method, ultrasonic testing, vibration analysis method, and visual and optical testing.
Parts are then moved on a belt to the nondestructive testing lines, where ultrasonic and magnetic particle testing ensures parts are of the correct nodularity and are free of internal defects or surface flaws.
- ultrasonic testing (ut) - also phased array tests - magnetic particle testing (mt) - dye penetrant tests (pt) - leakage tests (lt) - hardness measurement (ht) - spectroscopic material determinations the list is not exhaustive, the bills of quantities are listed in the procurement documents.
The unique advantage of JCF is that all the facilities required for producing valves are available in their plant including its (VOAD) steel refining furnace, sophisticated CNC machine shop for machining valves raning from A' inch to 72 inches, the state--of--the--art R&D facility which incorporates Cobalt and Iridium as radiography source and various non destructive testing methods like ultrasonic, dye penetrant and magnetic particle testing.
There are five methods of NDT available to metalcasting - magnetic particle testing (MT), liquid penetrant testing (PT), ultrasonic testing (UT), radio- graphic testing (RT) and eddy current testing (ET).
Tenders are invited for Inviting of quotation for supplying of magnetic particle testing machine at national skill trainers institute, mumbai-22.
The basic steps for using the magnetic particle testing procedure consist of magnetizing the test casting, applying magnetic particles in powder form to the test specimen, examining the surface area for tell-tale clusters of powder and, finally, demagnetizing the casting.
Tenders are invited for supply of chemicals for capillary and magnetic particle testing
Tenders are invited for Mobile magnetic particle testing equipment(as per specification enclosed).
Tenders are invited for rate contract of gamma radiography, x-ray, ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle testing, dye penetrate testingwork at mdl premises for submarine p-75.