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MAGNETARMagnetic Star (astronomy)
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Although at the time she didn't even know who Judy Garland was, she was captivated by the Hollywood legend and her fragile magnetic star quality.
One is that it is the tiny core left behind after a highly magnetic star has died.
"The sun is a magnetic star, and we live in its extended atmosphere," Scherrer said.
Tenders are invited for Complete repairing and over hauling of 150 HP magnetic star delta starter yaskawa make FLP type 550Volt Sl.No.507693-004 06 of Katras Choitudih Colliery, Katras Area
Tauri star RY Tau, the spatial distribution of early spectral type magnetic stars, the effect of high excitement level on the hydrogen ionization and recombination rates, detecting low-amplitude photometric variability in magnetic white dwarfs, and prototyping a moderate-resolution holographic spectrograph.