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MICRMagnetic Ink Character Recognition
MICRMinimally Interrupted Cardiac Resuscitation
MICRMinimum Internal Control Requirements (various companies)
MICRMaximum Individual Cancer Risk (air quality management measure)
MICRMember of the Institute of Clinical Research (European professional academic institute)
MICRMateriel Change Information Report
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The SP 4110N Secure MICR is the Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) engineered version of Ricoh's SP 4110N printer, and is designed for companies concerned with the security of their on-demand check issuance process.
Additionally, a string of 20 random characters will be added on the MICR (Magnetic ink character recognition) band of the cheque leaf using non-MICR ink.
Magnetic Ink Character Recognition is a special technology for identifying characters used by the financial industry to facilitate the processing of checks.
He also took the opportunity to inform the general public that under the new system, "all cheques payable through our banking system shall be in compliance with specific characteristics, critical among which is the Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) code." The MICR represents a unique code which is inscribed on each cheque leaf and forms the basis of electronic processing.
The company said that it has also used Mekorma Software's magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) technology and MICR Check Printing tools to format and enable the generation of printed, signed and bank approved cheques, with the built-in Integration Manager tool also enabling Byram to effectively integrate with external systems such as ATP and other tools for both import and export of payroll and other financial information.
These include your account number and the ninedigit magnetic ink character recognition ( MICR) code, which identifies your bank and branch.