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MFISModified Fatigue Impact Scale (multiple sclerosis)
MFISMagnetic-Field-Induced Strain (materials science)
MFISMadison Friends of International Students (Madison, WI)
MFISManitoba Federation of Independent Schools (est. 1964; formerly Manitoba Association for Equality in Education; Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)
MFISMetal-Ferroelectric-Insulator-Silicon (electrochemistry)
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[1] observed a magnetic-field-induced strain of 0.2% in 1996, large field-induced strain of 9.5% has been achieved in Ni-Mn-Ga single crystal [2], which is much greater than those of magnetostrictive, piezoelectric, or electrostrictive.
The behaviors of magnetic shape memory alloys, such as magnetic-field-induced strain, pseudoelastic response, and other properties, have been studied experimentally in the literature.
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