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MODRIVEMagneto Optical Drive
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Based on Plasmon's new scalable storage architecture, the libraries incorporate the 14x9.1Gb magneto optical drive from Sony which supports both rewritable and WORM (Write One Read Many) media.
The answer could be as simple as regularly backing up files on an inexpensive floppy disc, which can cost less than a dollar, or as pricey as using highly sophisticated magneto optical drives, which cost about $2,000.
Similar to CDs, magneto optical drives allow you to overwrite your files and jump from track to track.
Available software support includes low level formatting and partitioning utilities from Ontrack and Golden Bow, Optical support for WORM type drives and magneto optical drives from Optisys, a linkable driver for Novell Netware from Ontrack, tape drive support from both Rancho Technology and Sytron, CD-ROM support from RTI and Floptical drive support from Insite Peripherals.