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M-OMusa-Okumoto (logarithmic reliability model)
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The discs themselves are roughly ten times less expensive as magneto-optical media.
Although magneto-optical recording is characterized by the potential advantage of efficient storage techniques, including super resolution, and of intrinsically higher data rates, it has not penetrated the high-volume mass market (with the exception of Sony's Mini Disc in portable music applications).
The hammerdisk erasable magneto-optical drives from FWB, Inc.
The Japanese IT systems maker Fujitsu Ltd has expanded its line of magneto-optical removable storage drives with two USB models - DynaMO 1300U1 and DynaMO 640U1.
of Manchester, United Kingdom, measured the reduced timing jitter and lower TISI that occurs when using a fiat top beam profile in magneto-optical recording.
The growing demand for high-density storage in the multimedia era has been met by TDK Electronics with its new MO-R128 rewritable magneto-optical disk, a 3.5-inch, high-capacity (128 MB) disk.
Tenders are invited for Magnet and accessories for magneto-optical kerr effect
Coverage includes magneto-transport phenomena, cyclotron resonance, far-infrared spectroscopy, magneto-optical spectroscopy, and diluted magnetic semiconductors in high magnetic fields, as well as recent advances in the experimental techniques needed for high field experiments.
Version 2.2.6 offers a range of enhancements designed to improve companies' abilities to rapidly archive and access documents and images on optical disks such as CDs, DVDs and magneto-optical (MO) media.
The new company will manufacture optical media components such as magneto-optical, CD-recordable, and CD-rewritable storage devices for Philips and other OEMs.
About HP HP's Information Storage Group, which focuses on the rapidly growing extended-storage market, manufactures and sells information-storage products based on tape, magneto-optical and CD-RW technologies.
A magneto-optical approach based on near-field optical recording they are working on uses a small high-index, solid immersion lens mounted on a slider head that flies above the media.
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