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MVUMichigan Virtual University
MVUMaharishi Vedic University (Cambodia)
MVUMobile Video Unit (Vulture Team, National Training Center Ft Irwin, CA, USA)
MVUMediterranean Virtual University (Eumedis project)
MVUMinimum Variance Unbiased (estimator)
MVUMontevideo Unit (measurement of uterine activity)
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Maharishi Vedic University was founded by the Maharisbi Mahesh Yogi, a Hindu religious leader who in 1978 claimed he could levitate.
His stature is evident in that he was the chief consultant for the design of the Maharishi Vedic University located in the Netherlands.
Offered through the Maharishi Vedic University in the old Mountain Inn just off the Fayetteville square, the Corporate Development Program provides training in transcendental meditation, or TM, to businesses throughout the state.
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