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MAHLMaximum Allowable Headworks Loading
MAHLMid America Hockey League (various locations)
MAHLMidland Amateur Hockey League (Midland, Michigan)
MAHLMilwaukee Area Home Learners (Milwaukee, WI)
MAHLMaastricht Aachen Hasselt Liège (major ciies of the Meuse-Rhine)
MAHLMaster of Arts in Hebrew Literature/Letters
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The MAHL was offered with a choice of buckets: one for sand and dirt, and one for snow and produce.
This is still far below the average plastics growth of three percent worldwide, Mahl indicated.
"LED certainly has the potential to cut energy costs," according to Mahl, "But mainly because there's not the warming up period you have with mercury lamps.
A decrease in the fuel consumption per area (6.2L [h.sup.-1]) and a increase in the force on the traction bar (8.6kN), engine power (19.5kW) and effective field capacity (2.2ha [h.sup.-1]) as speed increases was observed by MAHL et al.
It's also very different from the others: the populace is a mix of Maldivian and south Indian; the locals speak Mahl, a derivative of Divehi, a descendant of the Indo-Aryan group of languages and is written right to left; and it also has a very unique culture, more in sync with Maldives than India.
Mahl's official line is diplomatic historian, and he has published books to prove it.
This proved to be a wise decision, supplying poignant information on a number of less-prominent figures, including many of those in the section Artists of the Left and the Second World War, such as Hugh Mesibov, Claire Mahl Moore, Jolan Gross Bettelheim, Hugo Gellert, Riva Helfond, and Joseph Leboit.
During the 1930s, the Works Progress Administration-Federal Arts Project (WPA-FAP) provided printmaking opportunities for many women artists, a number of whom are represented in this book (e.g., Ida Abelman, Riva Helfond, Claire Mahl Moore [1912-88], and Elizabeth Olds [1896-1991]).
It is also spoken on the island of Minocoy as Mahl. Dhivehi is an Indo-Aryan language, and its closest relative is Sinhala of Sri Lanka, so that they form the southernmost branch of the family, to which Fritz gives the name "Insular Indo-Aryan." This is a reasonable and useful designation worth adopting, perhaps expanded to "Southern Insular Indo-Aryan" to indicate the geographical location more fully and emphasize the separation from the northern IA languages.
Mahl, in his important 1998 book, Desperate Deception: British Covert Operations in the United States, 1939-1944, finds that the Hoover speech fiasco was only one of a series of "inside job" incidents orchestrated at the convention by Sam Pryor, the Pan American Airways executive, close friend of the Rockefeller family, and OSS/CIA operative.