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MAICMine Action Information Center
MAICMatching-Adjusted Indirect Comparison (clinical trials; statistical method)
MAICMycobacterium Avium Intracellulare Complex
MAICMinneapolis American Indian Center (Minneapolis, MN)
MAICMilitary-Academic-Industrial Complex (online aggregator; Firefox add-on)
MAICMid Atlantic Impreza Club
MAICMeasure, Analyse, Improve, Control (Six Sigma breakthrough strategy)
MAICMedical Alliance Insurance Company (Naperville, Illinois)
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Cada ano el MAIC agregara a su coleccion al menos 5 cintas hasta completar los mas de 60 grupo, pos indigenas que exislen en Mexico.
MAIC represents a new chapter in economic development with Mongolia because the expertise and interest are focused on specific initiatives that relate not only to natural resources, but to diverse entrepreneurial opportunities reflective of Mongolia's transformation.
SeaDream will host its Champagne and Caviar Splash in Alter do Chao, Brazil, site of one of BrazilOs best beaches; guests can take a riverboat cruise on Maic Lake to see rare pink dolphins.
We considered c = -7, applied the MAIC criterion to select k.
Citing Immram Snedgus ocus Maic Riagla, Sobecki relies on Whitley Stokes' century-old translation, and even so, asserts that the monks 'discard their oars' (p.
a) ADF, ERS: Intercept selected at the 10% significant level, lags selected with the MAIC of Ng and Perron (2001) starting with 12 lags.
31) The MAIC heard from insurance companies, agents and adjusters, the Chamber of Commerce, Labour Federations, and others including "a vigorous response from the general public by way of various communications.
Despite improved therapeutic approaches, MAIC infection represents a frequent bacterial complication in persons with AIDS.
En este trabajo se han utilizado los criterios estadisticos tradicionales, AIC y BIC, asi como dos criterios derivados del primero, CAIC (AIC consistente) y MAIC (AIC modificado).
Of the many voyage tales noted in the literature of the time, only a few have been preserved that carry the headword of immram in their title: the Immram curaig Maele Duin ("Voyage of Mael Duin's Boat"), the Immram curaig Ua Corra ("Voyage of the Ui Corra"), the Immram Luinge Murcertaig maic Earca ("Voyage of the Ship of Muirchertach, Son of Erc"), the Immram Snedgusa ocus Maic Riagla ("Voyage of Snedgus and Mac Riagle"), and, perhaps the best known, the Immram Brain mac Febuil ("Voyage of Bran, son of Febul") (Woodring, Introduction xii).
From a Six Sigma perspective, the process for improvements to existing facilities is termed MAIC (measure, analyze, improve and control).
Six Sigma's "DMAIC [define, measure, analyze, improve and control steps] was really MAIC until the late '90s," said Michael S.