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MTPMedia Transfer Protocol
MTPMedical Termination of Pregnancy
MTPMeet the Press (NBC news program)
MTPMessage Transfer Part
MTPMount Pleasant (Amtrak station code; Mount Pleasant, IA)
MTPMetropolitan Transportation Plan (various locations)
MTPMid-Term Plan (various organizations)
MTPMotion to Proceed (legislation)
MTPMedium-Term Plan
MTPManaged Total Protection
MTPMainframe Transaction Processing
MTPMultipoint to Point
MTPMulti Thread Paging
MTPMulti Thread Processor
MTPMission Training Plan
MTPMultimedia Transport Protocol
MTPMessage Transfer Process
MTPMail Transfer Protocol
MTPMcafee Total Protection
MTPMicrosomal Triglyceride Transfer Protein
MTPMitsubishi Tanabe Pharma (Japan)
MTPMedia Termination Point (Cisco)
MTPMicrowave Temperature Profiler
MTPMake to Print
MTPMulticast Transport Protocol
MTPMulti-Terrain Pattern (British Army; UK)
MTPManagement Trainee Program (Canada)
MTPMajor Thoroughfare Plan (various locations)
MTPMultiple Time Programmable (electronics)
MTPMaster Training Program (various locations)
MTPMassage Therapy Program
MTPMedium Term Priority (various organizations)
MTPMessage Transfer Protocol (SS7)
MTPMilitary Toxics Project
MTPMitochondrial Trifunctional Protein
MTPMail Transport Protocol
MTPMaintenance Test Pilot
MTPMovement for Tolerance and Progress (Burkina Faso)
MTPMinutes to Post (horse racing; time before the race is run)
MTPMaster Treatment Plan
MTPManufacturing Technology Partnership
MTPMove to Production
MTPMultiple Spanning Tree (IEEE 802.1s)
MTPMultipoint-to-Point (network)
MTPMultifunctional Touch Panel (various companies)
MTPMicro-Titer Plate
MTPMulticast Translator Based on IGMP/MLD Proxying
MTPMaximum Total Trihalomethane Potential
MTPManufacturing Technology Program
MTPMassive Transfusion Protocol
MTPMortgagee's Title Policy (real estate)
MTPMillion Trees Program (Australia)
MTPMessage Transfer Point
MTPMaritime Trade Press (German publication)
MTPMiles Tails Prower (Sonic the Hedgehog game character)
MTPMaster of Town Planning
MTPMinimum Tour Price (airfare construction)
MTPModel Taper Pipe (engineering)
MTPMitochondrial Transit Peptide
MTPMilly Tiklanish Democratic Partiya (Democratic National Rebirth Party, Uzbekistan)
MTPMulti-TADIL Processor
MTPMateriel Transfer Plan
MTPMaster Timing Pulse
MTPMotor Thermal Protection
MTPMaritime Tactical Publication
MTPMater Test Plan
MTPMulti Threat Protection (vests)
MTPMaster Test Procedure
MTPMaintenance Test Plan
MTPMean Temperature and Pressure
MTPMetal Transfer Printing
MTPMaster Training/Test Plan
MTPMulti Thread Programming
MTPMaintenance Test Package
MTPMission Tailored Product
MTPMission Test/Training Plan
MTPMuy Tu Problema
MTPManufacturas Textiles Perfecta (Spanish: Perfect Textiles Manufacturing; Guatemala)
MTPMain Teaching Points
MTPMaster of Town and Country Planning
MTPMilitary Training Plan
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XTS Guard 7 protocols include Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), User Datagram Protocol (UDP), Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), and DSG, which is a persistent socket proprietary protocol.
E-mail servers that support simple mail transfer protocol with StartTLS, secure POP3, and IMAP were estimated to be vulnerable in 14.8 percent, 8.9 percent, and 8.4 percent of the cases respectively.
With this month's release, Aspose.Email for Java now supports sending email messages using the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).
The Sendmail MTA holds a distinguished place in the Internet's history as the first broadly distributed MTA platform supporting simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP).
aSMTP-SMTP or simple mail transfer protocol helps in the sending of emails.
To access SOAP Web services, a client sends an XML message that follows the specific SOAP standard over HTTP or other supported protocols like simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP), and an XML response is returned.
File Transfer Protocol, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, Domain Name System, not to mention a host of more obscure but no less important protocols, were around long before Berners-Lee's team at CERN found a way of taking advantage of them.
* SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) for email notification.
Batelco is set to block the simple mail transfer protocol e-mails through port 25 for all retail and wholesale residential Broadband ADSL customers from next month in order to curb spamming and similar practices.
<p>There's no equivalent in cloud storage of a common transport mechanism like SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), said Joe Kvidera, founder and CEO of Procedo, which provides data migration software and services.
Existen tantos protocolos en este conjunto que llegan a ser mas de 100 diferentes, entre ellos se encuentra el HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol), que se emplea para acceder a paginas Web, ademas de otros como el ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) para la resolucion de direcciones, el FTP (File Transfer Protocol) para transferencia de archivos; SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) y POP (Post Office Protocol) para correo electronico, TELNET para acceder a equipos remotos, entre otros.
Take the first step which might simply be an email content filtering solution that will allow you to monitor for sensitive data being sent through simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP).