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MGMMetro-Goldwyn Mayer (movie studio)
MGMMystery Guitar Man
MGMMedia Gateway Manager
MGMMostly Good Memory
MGMMaternal Grandmother
MGMMardi Gras Madness (various organizations)
MGMMidtown Global Market (Midtown Global Market)
MGMMercury Grand Marquis (automobile model)
MGMMinisterstwo Gospodarki Morskiej (Polish: Ministry of Maritime Economy)
MGMMale Genital Mutilation (usually in reference to circumcision)
MGMMicrorganismi Geneticamente Modificati (Italian: Genetically Modified Organisms)
MGMMolecular Genetics & Microbiology
MGMMechanics of Granular Materials
MGMMeans Great Movies (Metro-Goldwyn Mayer motto)
MGMMolecular Graphics and Modeling (Kansas University)
MGMMonopulse Ground Map (US Air Force)
MGMMaster in Government Management
MGMMentally Gifted Minors
MGMMontgomery, AL, USA - Dannelly Field (Airport Code)
MGMMission Manager
MGMMemory Grant Manager
MGMManagerial Gross Margin
MGMMentally Gifted Men
MGMMaster Group Multiplexer
MGMMateriel Group Manager
MGMModified Gradient Method
MGMMedical Group Management Journal
MGMMar Gregorios Memorial (schools in India)
MGMModern Gift Market
MGMMilitant Grammarians of Massachusetts (Infinite Jest)
MGMMedium-Grade Metamorphism (geology)
MGMMinimal Generator Matrix/Matrices
MGMMulti-Guard Mediator
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Prior technologies such as telegraph, telex, and mailgram arguably are unlike EDI because they are controlled by neutral communications carriers.
For example, a Priority (next day) letter costs more than a second day letter and a regular Mailgram costs less than sending a certified Mailgram.
Utilization of Westar facilities was expected to take three forms: expansion of the company's established services such as Mailgram; sale of wholesale services to other communications common carriers: and sale of retail sevices to government and commercial users.
* Consumer services, such as Funds Transfer service and individual Mailgram, Telegram and Cablegram messages.
gets out their mailgrams and their phone calls in twelve hours, and
Telegraphic offers or mailgrams will not be considered.
The Act lists priority mail, expedited mail, bulk parcel post, bulk international mail, and mailgrams as competitive products [39 USC 3631 (a)(1)-(5)].
It directs a newly created Postal Regulatory Commission to divide Postal Service products into two classes: (1) market-dominant (monopoly) products such as first-class mail and parcels, standard mail, periodicals, and bound printed matter; and (2) competitive products such as priority and expedited mail, bulk parcel post, bulk international mail, and mailgrams. Regarding the setting of rates, the new law requires the Postal Service to ensure that revenue from each competitive product covers its own costs.
In any case, the expected avalanche of letters to the editor and mailgrams to Congress never quite materialized.
He and other chief executives did not hesitate to take to the airwaves to urge the public to "write, call, and send mailgrams" to their members of Congress in support of their policies.
Appealing to audiences by means of curtain speeches and flyers announcing a special 900 telephone number that generates mailgrams to each caller's federal legislators, theatres and other arts organizations also began to survey their boards of trustees for members with political or business connections to Republican officials, in an orchestrated effort to demonstrate widespread support for the continuance of federal arts funding.
Public messages or mailgrams provide a quick and succinct means to voice an opinion.