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MCTMinistério da Ciência e Tecnologia (Brazil)
MCTMechanical Comprehension Test (various organizations)
MCTMississippi Curriculum Test
MCTMathematical Control Theory (conference)
MCTMedium Chain Triglyceride
MCTMechtronics Engineering (course)
MCTMulti Clutch Technology
MCTMicro Component Technology
MCTMagic Control Technology
MCTMac Controller Task
MCTMos Controlled Thyristor
MCTMicrosoft Clear Type
MCTMultipurpose Community Telecenter
MCTMedia Center
MCTMonitor Control Table
MCTMicro Chip Technology
MCTMarine Combat Training
MCTMicrosoft Certified Technician
MCTMobile Crisis Team (various locations)
MCTMercury-Cadmium Telluride
MCTMovement Control Team
MCTMast Cell Tumor(s)
MCTMain Central Thrust
MCTMinimum Connecting Time (airports)
MCTMars Colonial Transport (SpaceX)
MCTMultiple Choice Test
MCTMulti-Channel Television
MCTMissoula Children's Theater (Missoula, MT)
MCTMilitary Combat Training
MCTMadison County Transit (Illinois)
MCTMinimum Competency Test (student testing)
MCTMinimum Capital Test (solvency test for insurers)
MCTMicro-Cavity Technology (Nanovation)
MCTMacquarie Corporate Telecommunications (Australia)
MCTMicrowave Coagulation Therapy
MCTModel Coupling Toolkit
MCTMaritime Counter Terrorism
MCTMicrocentrifuge Tube
MCTMarketing, Consulting & Training (various locations)
MCTMethacholine Challenge Test
MCTMalicious Call Trace (telephone comany service)
MCTMilitary Camera Team (Australia)
MCTMultiLayer Coating Technologies, LLC (est. 2006)
MCTManufacturing Cycle Time
MCTCorrective Maintenance Time
MCTMulti-Cable Transit
MCTMicronesia Conservation Trust (Federated States of Micronesia)
MCTMobile Communications Terminal
MCTMuscat, Oman - Seeb (Airport Code)
MCTMaximum Continuous Thrust
MCTMonotone Convergence Theorem
MCTMaksutov-Cassegrain Telescope
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MCTMulti-Communication Transaction (US NSA)
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MCTMild Congestion Threshold (Newbridge)
MCTMagno Cum Tempore (Latin: at a later date)
MCTMarket Cattle Testing
MCTMagnesium Calcium Titanate
MCTMicrocell Telecommunications (Canada - PCS)
MCTMobile Collection Team
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MCTMobile Command Team
MCTMaintenance Continuation Training
MCTMulti-Channel Tester
MCTMOS Control Thyristor
MCTMission Commander's Terminal
MCTMean Correct Time
MCTMathematical Centre Tracts
MCTMessage Character Count
MCTModule Confidence Test
MCTMIB Code Template (GDMO)
MCTMetal Conversion Technologies, LLC (North Corners, GA)
MCTMultichannel Transponder
MCTMaterial Control Tracking
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In the immediate footwall of the Main Central thrust, peak temperatures average 550 degrees C.
An inverted thermal field gradient of - 20 degrees C/km is also documented beneath a klippe of the Main Central thrust hanging wall - 25 km south of the Vaikrita thrust, and a peak footwall temperature of 530 degrees C is recorded close to the shear zone at the base of the klippe.
The age differences in samples from northern and southern exposures are interpreted to document cooling related to thermal relaxation following passage of the Main Central thrust hanging wall atop the Lesser Himalayan Sequence.
The Main Central Thrust Zone (MCTZ) has been studied along several sections in western Nepal, Dolpo region.
P-T conditions have been constrained using geothermobarometers in high temperature mylonites while to constraint the P-T conditions during the ductile to brittle tectonic evolution of the MCTZ zone fluid inclusion analyses have been performed on quartz lenses from kyanite bearing gneisses and micaschists sampled from the Main Central Thrust Zone and in quartz inclusions trapped in garnet crystals.
The HHC forms the hanging wall of the Main Central Thrust (MCT) and incorporates pelitic, psammitic and quartzite sequences together with thin amphibolite and calc-silicate bands along with granitoids of various ages.
GHS rocks in the Sutlej Valley, NW India, are exposed in an ~16 km thick panel, bounded below by the Main Central thrust (MCT) and above by the Sangla Detachment, a local strand of the South Tibetan Detachment system (STDS) of normal faults.
However, because the top-to-the-north and top-to-the-south shear fabrics are predominant in the north- dipping Main Central thrust (MCT) below and the South Tibet detachment (STD) above across the entire GHC, the tectonic significance of the orogen-parallel deformation in exhumation of the GHC was often ignored.