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The airplane was substantially damaged at about 1000 Eastern time when the right main landing gear collapsed.
"As it continued to move forward, the aircraft hit several runway lights and the tire was separated from the nose landing gear followed by the left main landing gear and left engine.
When the rolling angle [[theta].sub.R] is positive, the aircraft tilts to the right and the right main landing gear just touches the deck, otherwise the opposite.
The spare rotary actuators for the main landing gear on the C-5 Galaxy will be manufactured out of the company's Park City, Utah, facility.
After approximately 30 seconds, we received a down and locked indication for the nose wheel but the main landing gear displayed an unsafe down condition.
They are included in the Cardinal main landing gear leg kit.
"Airways flight 9W 354 on landing in Mumbai reported a technical fault with the main landing gear. All 127 passengers have been safely disembarked," the airline said.
"The aircraft shuddered and rolled slightly as the lower part of the main landing gear detached.
The problem affected part of the jet's right main landing gear, forcing the pilot to land on only three of its four main landing gears, the BBC reports.
However, the 1979-built Piper Seneca - reg G CLUE - owned by Pamela Wilkinson of Lindwood Avenue, Stokesley, suffered serious damage to its left engine, propeller, main landing gear, flap and aileron.
Presently MHI is in charge of aft fuselages, fuselage tail sections and passenger entry doors; KHI, forward and center fuselages, main landing gear wheel wells, cargo doors and pressure bulkheads; FHI, center wing section, integration of the center wing section with the main landing gear wheel wells, main landing gear doors and wing-to-body fairings (forward); SMIC, wing-to-body fairings (center and aft); and NIPPI, wing components.
While SrA Kephart recovered a HH-60G, he noticed smoke coming from the right-hand main landing gear and immediately directed the aircraft to stop.