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MLVMurine Leukemia Virus
MLVMotor Luggage Van (rail car; UK)
MLVMemory Loader Verifier
MLVMulti Language Version
MLVMulti Language Vendor
MLVMultirole Light Vehicle
MLVModified Live Virus
MLVModified Live Vaccine
MLVMagnetic Low Voltage
MLVMedium Launch Vehicle
MLVMultiple Language Version (films)
MLVMcNicoll, Lewis & Vlak (investment bank; New York, NY)
MLVMatinee Las Vegas (Las Vegas, CA)
MLVMulti-Language Vendor
MLVMemory Loader/Verifier
MLVMulti-Layer Varistor (electronic component)
MLVMortgage Lending Value
MLVMain Line Valve
MLVMaximum Likelihood Voting (reliability)
MLVMean of Least Variance (image processing)
MLVMost Likely Value
MLVMonitored Live Voice (audiology)
MLVMagnetic Levitation Vehicle
MLVMinimum Lexographic Value
MLVMilitair Lichamelijke Vaardigheid (Dutch: Military Physical Proficency)
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this work shall essentially consist of the following elements: complete leak detection survey of the entire water distribution system through listening to all accessible fire hydrants, main line valves and needed appurtenances to ensure complete coverage of the system.
The contractor shall listen on ALL fire hydrants, ALL main line valves, and when necessary, b-boxes.
Gulf South proposes to construct and operate approximately 18 miles of 42-inch pipeline loop extending southeast from Hinds County, MS, to Simpson County, MS; increasing the compression of its recently approved Harrisville Compressor Station by 30,000 hp; and other appurtenant ancillary facilities including main line valves and pig launcher and receiver facilities.
Listen to all fire hydrants, all main line valves, and when necessary, selected service connections in the entire distribution system.
Then, the contractor(s) must contact each of the selected water systems to schedule the survey, to confirm that water system staff complete pre-survey tasks (e.g., locating and painting main line valves), and will be available as needed to assist with the survey.