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MVMusic Video
MVMedium Voltage
MVMove (Unix command)
MVMotion Vector
MVMountain View (California city)
MVMecklenburg-Vorpommern (German region)
MVMartha's Vineyard (Massachusetts Island)
MVMarket Value
MVMount Vernon (various locations)
MVManual Valve (various companies)
MVMission Viejo (California)
MVMill Valley (California)
MVMid-Valley (various locations)
MVMechanical Ventilation
MVMiami Vice (TV show)
MVMotor Vessel
MVMercury Vapor (lighting)
MVMilli Vanilli
MVMeasured Value
MVMean Value
MVMaple Valley (Washington)
MVMitral Valve
MVModern Vespa (motor scooters)
MVMerchant Vessel
MVMissouri Valley
MVMini Van
MVMuzzle Velocity
MVMona Vie (health drink)
MVMinisink Valley (New York)
MVMultivalue (software)
MVMonta Vista (high school)
MVMendelevium (isotope)
MVMean Velocity
MVMoving Vehicle
MVMillennium Volunteers (UK)
MVMinute Volume
MVModus Vivendi (Latin: way of life)
MVManipulated Variable
MVMolecular Virology
MVMain Verb
MVMarburg virus
MVMother Vessel
MVMuscle Volume
MVMy Vitriol (UK band)
MVMeccanica Verghera (Italian motorcycle company)
MVMagna Veritas (roleplaying game)
MVManufacturing Verification
MVMedina Valley (Medina County, Texas)
MVMoonroof Visor (vehicles)
MVArmenian International Airways (IATA airline code)
MVMetasyntactic Variable
MVMatanitu Vanua (Conservative Alliance Party, Fiji)
MVMotorised Valve
MVmezza voce (Italian: medium voice; music)
MVMidland Valley Railroad
MVApparent Visual Magnitude (Spanish gaming website)
MVMiniature Vehicle
MVMichel Vick (ex football quarterback)
MVMaster Vessel
MVMoving Violationz
MVMobilization Value
MVMemória Visual - Produções Digitais, Lda
MVCamp Merrowvista
MVManpower Voucher
MVMed'icus Veterina'rius - Veterinary Physician
MVMontaVista, Inc.
MVSimple Multi-Visit
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0 overgenerates in this respect, not modeling the precedence relation between these two auxiliaries, since avoir must precede etre when both function as auxiliary of a given main verb.
Later, 'to be' base=q was omitted as redundant and replaced by the past participle of the main verb.
As for the main verb, it is a very real possibility that the scribe knew a tradition that equated silim or ma with palasu--an equivalence unknown to us--or he simply made it up.
Beths (1999: 1081) argues that "[t]he occurrence with infinitives of semantically equivalent main verbs is characteristic of verbs undergoing grammaticalization and is an indication of the bleaching of the (lexical) meaning of the verb".
main verbs of sentences) and which has been used by researchers (Heilman & Smith, 2010) to define wh-movement rules.
In other words, the main verb subcategorises for A, T and G.
According to this author the degree of complexity of a complement clause is shown by the number of complements and adjuncts there are between the complement and main verb or predicate.
Thus the head noun fills the slot in the embedded verb and the whole relative sentence, nominalized by the article kin (he), fills the slot set up by the main verb.
Bukhari (2009) expresses a different opinion, namely that main verb can appear in sentence final position and take tense morphology.
In the strong obligation the agent of the verb is bound to complete the action of the main verb, e.
Obaid (1967) notes that "In present day Latin American Spanish the use of the present subjunctive in the dependent clause, after a main verb in the past, increases as the degree of [knowledge of] the speaker decreases.
It identifies and meticulously describes four main verb classes: root-accented, stem-accented, irregular, and shortened.