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The eigen-projection matrix can be utilized for pretreating echo data X in order to eliminate main-lobe jamming part in the signal.
Equation (27) can get rid of main-lobe jamming but not side-lobe one.
So the main-lobe jamming eigenvector [[??].sub.i] is calculated.
(2) Reconstructed sample covariance matrix [[??].sub.r] excludes main-lobe jamming components, eliminating the effect of main-lobe jamming on pattern.
Since [[??].sub.r] does not contain the main-lobe jamming component, the pattern corresponding to [[??].sub.LCMV] does not form nulls at the main-lobe jamming.
The adaptive pattern not only suppresses the jamming but also does not form a nulling in the main-lobe jamming.
Jamming signal has an incidence angle of -6 degrees and an ISR of 50 dB and produces main-lobe jamming to seven-array antenna.
No nulling or deviation of beam direction appears when suppressing main-lobe jamming. This provides a solid guarantee for effectively receiving navigation signal since output SINR of navigation signal does not decrease because of beam-direction deviation.
The method proposed in this paper produces nulling at 12-degree jamming but not at -14-degree main-lobe jamming. The mainlobe direction does not distort.
The method proposed in this paper produces nulling at -22-degree jamming but not at 24-degree main-lobe jamming. Main-lobe direction does not distort.
The method proposed in this paper produces nulling at 0-degree jamming but not at 72-degree main-lobe jamming. The main-lobe direction does not distort.
Jamming nulling only appears in adaptive pattern at -60 degrees, -14 degrees, and 24 degrees, yet none at -22-degree main-lobe jamming. Furthermore, pattern direction does not distort, which is in favor of effectively receiving navigation signal.