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The case for cutting spending on bottled water is less clear cut if there are clinical reasons why patients can't drink from the mains water supply, but there are savings to be made if this water is being supplied to non-clinical areas.
Lag garden taps and make sure the mains water supply is turned off to prevent pipes from freezing.
Easily installed into any greenhouse with the hardware kit provided, the Big Drippa watering system offers the benefits of drip watering without the need for a mains water supply. Similar to an intravenous drip, the system features a large 10.5 litre water reservoir bag, 5m (16ft 5ins) of irrigation tube that can be cut to your individual requirements and six adjustable drippers to keep your plants watered 24 hours a day.The water moistens only the soil and not the leaves, reducing the risk of insect and fungal problems.
AN ELDERLY widow had cash stolen from her Chester home after answering the door to a man claiming her mains water supply contained mud.
This would involve companies using rainwater for toilet flushing, cleaning processes and industrial cooling, all helping to reduce demand on the mains water supply.
THOUSANDS of Midlanders who lost their mains water supply during the recent flooding crisis were yesterday told they can safely drink their tap water again.
Instead of drawing all its requirements from the mains water supply, it made the most of its expansive roof area to capture and store rainwater.
Mr Donaldson, Sinn Fein's former head of administration at Stormont who was unmasked by Gerry Adams as a British spy last December, had been living in the cottage with no electricity or mains water supply after being ostracised by former republican comrades.
Tenders are invited for Repair Maintenance And Upkeep Of Water Supply Installation Buildings And Repair Replacement And Maintenance Of Certain Rising Mains Water Supply Lines Of Jcos Or Md Accn Area At Itarana Alwar
DUBLIN was last night the only major city in western Europe without a mains water supply.
"It also leaves businesses susceptible to possible disruptions and price fluctuations in the mains water supply, so investigating the Water Technology List is a good option."