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BEYOND GEOPOLITICAL LABELS BOTH INTELLECTUAL open-mindedness and an ethical engagement with Arab literary traditions can go a long way in combating mainstream news media and the popular sphere where Arabness is more often than not reduced to the lexicon of sectarianism, religiously inspired violence, and female subjugation.
Its popularity in the country particularly derives from its extensive use in the course of the 2013 Gezi protests, which the mainstream news media failed to cover, whereas Twitter provided a platform for news and information, and essentially challenged the role of conventional news media (Barbera & Metzger, 2013).
[USA], Jul 21 ( ANI ): United States President Donald Trump on Friday hit out at the mainstream news media for the way they acted towards his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin during their bilateral summit at Helsinki earlier this week.
Yet because the mainstream news media is strong and widely respected, the fake news didn't get very far.
This is precisely the reason why mainstream news media outlets cannot be trusted to tell the truth.
MyGov head Akhilesh Mishra educated the ministers as how they could effectively respond to issues highlighted in the social media and mainstream news media.
The biggest target of the candidates turned out to not be the 10 competitors on stage, but the mainstream news media, which was hammered several times by a number of the White House aspirants.
The project began out of my frustration with the mainstream news media. At AP, where I worked from 1974 to 1987, I was perhaps best known for breaking many of the stories that we now know as the Iran-contra scandal.
The idea is both simple and effective: to collect citizen reports about corruption and human rights violations via mobile technology means and publish them in mainstream news media. Although this model of citizen journalism has relatively long history in developed Western societies, its wide adoption is still simmering in Central Asia.
politics, mocked conservative lunacy (see: the latte salute "freak out"), and hosted necessary critiques of the often sad state of mainstream news media.
To have this report broadcast over the mainstream news media indicates to me that the global culture of peace is now beyond research and development.