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MXMexico (Internet top level domain)
MXMail Exchange (record)
MXMexicana (airline code)
MXMerry Christmas
MXMiddlesex (English County)
MXManx (cat breed; Isle of Man)
MXMylo Xyloto (Coldplay album)
MXMontreal Exchange (Canada)
MXMail Exchanger Record (Domain name system)
MXMutually Exclusive (condition)
MXCompania Mexicana de Aviacion (IATA airline code)
MXMemory Expansion (AT&T)
MXMaximum Exposure (TV show)
MXMessage Exchange (Nortel)
MXMaintenance Code
MXMaster Agility Excellent (AKC title)
MXMixed Xylene
MXMissile Experimental
MXMode Exit
MXMedia Xpander (Alpine Car Audio)
MXMoment of Execution
MXMilitary Experimental
MXMazda Experimental (Mazda)
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1 had an FCS degrade, and the FCS page showed a maintenance code of 73.
8] While not specifically mentioning wheelstops, the BOCA National Property Maintenance Code of 1993 states that "parking spaces.
Tenders are invited for property maintenance, to provide weed, trash, and and excavation remediation and board-up services for property maintenance code enforcement.
In the 1980s, the BOCA Basic Property Management Code, predecessor to the International Property Maintenance Code, specifically identified mud as a condition to be avoided on paved surfaces.
So, make a note in the RPSTL of TM 11-5895-1733-13&P (Jun 04) until the TM is updated to show the maintenance code has changed to D for these items.
The proposal also has retroactive requirements with proposed changes to the International Fire Code and International Property Maintenance Code.
The International Property Maintenance Code is a model property maintenance code that establishes minimum conditions for safety and requires:
SMR codes are found at the beginning of every Repair Parts and Special Tools List section in TMs ending with a "P" or "&P" The code format has four parts: a two-position source code, a two-position maintenance code, a recoverability code and an optional service-specific code.
10 - Periodic Inspection of Exterior Walls and Appurtenances of Buildings, part of Chapter 3 -General Property and Structural Maintenance Code of the Philadelphia Building Construction and Occupancy Code--is applicable to all buildings six or more stories in height, all buildings with any appurtenance in excess of 60 feet in height, and any building (aside from one- or two-family dwellings) greater than two stories located in specific areas that are yet to be determined.
The Village of East Syracuse's Enhanced Rental Registration and Inspection Program requires owners of rental properties to register with the village so that officials can more easily respond in the case of an emergency and ensure that inspections meet the minimum standards established by the New York State Property Maintenance Code.
Sponsor emphasis on processing system Version Management and Release Management in order to realize development for multiple customers in multiple versions including ongoing maintenance code.
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