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MMOMassively Multiplayer Online (gaming)
MMOMystic Moods Orchestra
MMOMake Money Online (Internet marketing)
MMOMusic Minus One
MMOMassively Multiplayer Online
MMOMobile Module
MMOMulti Media Object
MMOMarvel Mystery Oil (Turtle Wax, Inc.)
MMOMercury Magnetospheric Orbiter
MMOMixed Metal Oxide
MMOMakine Muhendisler Odasi (Turkish: Chamber of Mechanical Engineers)
MMOMultimodal Optimization
MMOMaterials and Manufacturing Ontario
MMOMinimum Municipal Obligation (municipal pension funds)
MMOMilwaukee Mandolin Orchestra (Milwaukee, WI)
MMOMaximum Operating Mach Number
MMOMarketing Mix Optimization
MMOMultimedia Object
MMOMeans, Motive and Opportunity
MMOMaintenance Management Officer
MMOMach Max Operating (aviation)
MMOMan-Made Object
MMOMultiple Male Orgasm
MMOMultimedia Outlet
MMOModifications, Maintenance and Operations
MMOMarine Mammals Observers
MMOMain Mechanical Outfitting
MMOMars Mining Operations (Dark Orbit game)
MMOMarching Men of Ohio
MMOMotorcycle Museum Online
MMOModem Managed Object
MMOMission Operation Management Organization
MMOMinor Maintenance Order
MMOMagnetic Method of Orientation (directional drilling compass type)
MMOMaximum Magnitude of the OCC (Odd Crosscorrelation)
MMOMaintenance Material Officer
MMOMobility Movement Order
MMOMixed Mode Optimal (voting algorithm)
MMOMIPR Management Office
MMOMaintenance Manual Organization Level (TMINS)
MMOMaden Mühendisleri Odasý
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