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MAIRMaster of Arts in International Relations (various schools)
MAIRMultiple Attenuated Internal Reflection
MAIRMilwaukee Association for Interfaith Relations (Milwaukee, WI)
MAIRMalfunction/Accident/Incident Report
MAIRMotion Adaptive Intra Refresh (MPEG)
MAIRMontgomery Algorithm for Integer Reduction (mathematics)
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Very valuable is the appendix to Mair's translation (Oxford, 1908) on "The Farmer's Year in Hesiod".
"They were made for singing an' no for reading; but ye hae broken the charm now, an' they'll never be sung mair."
"Your father was very fond of his meat, I mind; he was a hearty, if not a great eater; but as for me, I could never do mair than pyke at food." He took a pull at the small beer, which probably reminded him of hospitable duties, for his next speech ran thus: "If ye're dry ye'll find water behind the door."
Bishopriggs, "looks with mair indulgence at human frailty than my ain sel'.
The president of the Air Line Pilots Association International (ALPA), Captain John Prater, has issued a statement in response to recent public statements made by the CEO of MAIR Holdings, Paul Foley.
"I nominated her as a way of saying thanks for always being there for me and I'm thrilled she's won," says Mair, who lives in Orrell Park.
Mair, 18, has penned a contract with the Canaries and will initially be in the English Premier League side's Under-23s squad.
Mr Mair said yesterday he was not able yet to speak about the next chapter in their retail career, which previously saw them run newsagent and Costcutter businesses in Aviemore.
Pete, 38, had to talk Sinead actress Katie McGlynn and Rob Mallard - who plays her husband Daniel - through the real nightmare he and Mair faced when she was diagnosed with breast cancer when only 22 weeks pregnant with their second child.
Shortly afterwards, Mair then caught up with Miss Marshall in a different part of the town and pointed the rifle just centimetres from her face.