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MAIMail (File Name Extension)
MAIMultilateral Agreement on Investment
MAIMultiple Access Interference
MAIMaius (Latin: May)
MAIMécanique et Automatismes Industriels (French: Mechanical and Industrial Automation)
MAIMinistério da Administração Interna (Portugal)
MAIMinisterul Administratiei si Internelor (Romanian)
MAIMycobacterium Avium-Intracellulare
MAIMember, Appraisal Institute (real estate)
MAIMinority AIDS Initiative
MAIMoscow Aviation Institute
MAIMean Annual Increment (forestry)
MAIMarket for Alternative Investment (Second Board on Thailand's Exchange)
MAIMonash Asia Institute
MAIManufacturers' Association of Israel
MAIMedia Action International
MAIMade As Instructed
MAIMiddleware-Application Interaction
MAIMedical Action Industries Inc. (Brentwood, NY)
MAIMedian Area Income
MAIMultilevel Assessment Instrument
MAIMajor Automated Information
MAIMigration and Asylum Initiative (now part of MARRI)
MAIMilitary Assistance Institute
MAIMeasurement, Analysis and Improvement
MAIMyanmar Airway International
MAIMedication Assisted Intubation
MAIManagement Assistance Incorporated
MAIMaterial Annex Item
MAIGeneral Appraisal Member of the Appraisal Institute (formerly Member Appraisal Institute)
MAIMultiple Action Interaction
MAIMesna, Adriamycin, and Ifosfamide (chemotherapy regimen)
MAIMedical Awareness Institute (San Diego, CA)
MAIMalaysian Association of Illinois (Southern Illinois University; Carbondale, IL)
MAIMaster Assessment Index
MAIMinisterul Afacerilor Interne (Romania: Ministry of the Interior)
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Hinds describes this as a "prequel" for Ovid's own maius opus, his lost Medea tragedy, and analyses how Seneca's Medea builds on these two Ovidian topoi.
Un honor que cabe atribuir sin duda alguna al Speculum maius y mas concretamente a uno de sus opusculos mas significativos: el Speculum historiale.
En la mayoria de los pavimentos musivos en los que se conserva este cuadro se ha plasmado la lucha entre Teseo y el Minotauro, hallandose el monstruo ya en posicion desventajosa respecto al heroe vencedor, tal y como muestran los mosaicos de Brindisi, Cremona, Casa del Laberinto en Pompeya, Aix-en-Provence, Verdes, Vienne, Cormerod, Orbe, Salzburgo, Thuburbo Maius, Belalitani Maiores, Cirene, Chipre y Creta, excepto Conimbriga e Hippona, que lo simplifican con la representacion unica del busto del Minotauro.
Early in the sixteenth century, an Oliverius Maius wrote verses to Antonio Galateo.
D'Arms introduces a comparison of the second line of Trimalchio's epitaph, huic seviratus absenti decretus est, with the anonymous Elegiae in Maecenatem 1,31-32: maius erat potuisse tamen nec velle triumphos / maior res magnis abstinuisse fuit, suggesting that the latter informed the former.
VI, 36917, apud Lassere 1982: 415) em Thuburbu Minus, Thuburbi Maius, Suturnuca, Medeli, Assuras, Simithus, Thuburnica e Sicca Veneria.
Quod potest maius esse scelus quam non modo hominem, sed etiam familiarem hominem occidere?
maius Ono 1979 (Ono 1979, 1980), but differs from the latter in that the abdomen lacks large dark patches, the embolus is long, with its tip dagger-like, and the retrolateral tibial apophysis of male palp is almost three times as long as the ventral tibial apophysis (Figs.
In his Opus maius or Larger Work, as Durant notes, "he pleads for science as revealing the Creator in the creation, and as enabling Christians to convert heathens immune to Scripture.
Bernard of Clairvaux stated that '[t]he soul at prayer should have before it an image of the God-man, in his birth or infancy or as he was teaching, or dying, or rising, or ascending'; John of Garlard advocated as 'models of department' the 'graven images of the churches, which you should carry in your mind as living and indelible pictures'; and Roger Bacon spoke in his Opus maius of phantasia and the soul's reception of images.
The fourth extrapolates by means of the classic rabbinic hermeneutical tool of ad minori ad maius ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) to the current historical imperative for the recitation of the kaddish over those "fallen of the land of Israel.
The important structures are the Gothic Collegium Maius, now the Museum of the Jagiellonian University, the Main Market Square with the Cloth Hall, and the Church of Our Lady.