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MAIMail (File Name Extension)
MAIMultilateral Agreement on Investment
MAIMultiple Access Interference
MAIMaius (Latin: May)
MAIMécanique et Automatismes Industriels (French: Mechanical and Industrial Automation)
MAIMinistério da Administração Interna (Portugal)
MAIMinisterul Administratiei si Internelor (Romanian)
MAIMycobacterium Avium-Intracellulare
MAIMember, Appraisal Institute (real estate)
MAIMinority AIDS Initiative
MAIMoscow Aviation Institute
MAIMean Annual Increment (forestry)
MAIMarket for Alternative Investment (Second Board on Thailand's Exchange)
MAIMonash Asia Institute
MAIManufacturers' Association of Israel
MAIMedia Action International
MAIMade As Instructed
MAIMiddleware-Application Interaction
MAIMedical Action Industries Inc. (Brentwood, NY)
MAIMedian Area Income
MAIMultilevel Assessment Instrument
MAIMajor Automated Information
MAIMigration and Asylum Initiative (now part of MARRI)
MAIMilitary Assistance Institute
MAIMeasurement, Analysis and Improvement
MAIMyanmar Airway International
MAIMedication Assisted Intubation
MAIManagement Assistance Incorporated
MAIMaterial Annex Item
MAIGeneral Appraisal Member of the Appraisal Institute (formerly Member Appraisal Institute)
MAIMultiple Action Interaction
MAIMesna, Adriamycin, and Ifosfamide (chemotherapy regimen)
MAIMedical Awareness Institute (San Diego, CA)
MAIMalaysian Association of Illinois (Southern Illinois University; Carbondale, IL)
MAIMaster Assessment Index
MAIMinisterul Afacerilor Interne (Romania: Ministry of the Interior)
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Under Cyriacus's direction the Consilium maius adopted as its guiding spirit a revived Roman personification, the dea Mens, which at the same time was so intimately tied up with the events of the 1440s that she was destined from the outset to remain an iconographical hapax whose original meaning was soon forgotten.
Atqui, utra in parte maius periculum sit, diiudicare nequeo.
Barratt plausibly argues that the Old French commentary on the psalms must come from the period between 1247-9 (the composition dates of the latest datable source, the Speculum maius of Vincent of Beauvais) and 1307 (the date of the disbanding of the Templars who are mentioned approvingly in the text).
Perhaps she thought that deleting the comma between re and quod reduces the temptation to think that quod maius est is a comparative relation holding between a being conceived to exist only in the understanding and the same being conceived to exist in reality.
danger, we got up' (nos maius veriti, postquam nihil esse pericli |
Chapter 6 opens with paragraphs dedicated to what are called the three most important medieval encyclopedias, composed by members of the new mendicant orders: De proprietatibus rerum by the Franciscan friar Bartolomeo Anglico (often referred to in previous studies by his Latin name), the Dominican theologian Thomas of Cantimpre's De natura rerum--designed to be "la summa delle summe" (56)--and the Speculum maius by Vincent of Beauvais (called here Vincenzo, but known also as Vincentius Bellovacensis or Burgundus).
2 (Guarino is speaking): "Quid mirum igitur, Feltrine, si in comparanda quoque bibliotheca--seu dici maius biblioplethi quod hic sermo verius ad librorum multitudinem superior autem ad eorum repositionem magis attineat--modus idem sit opportunus, ut ne libros plures tibi compares ac opus est, et ordo, ut alios aliis ad manum magis veluti praestantiores familiaresque magis habeas.
26) Vincent de Beauvais, Speculum historiale, in Speculum maius (repr.