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MDMVMaize Dwarf Mosaic Virus
MDMVMultidimensional Multivariate Visualization (technique)
MDMVMythologie(s) De Mon Voisin (French: Mythology(ies) of my neighbour; independent cinema promotion association)
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Mikel MA, D'Arcy CJ, Rhodes AM, Ford RE (1984) Genetics of resistance of two dent corn inbreeds maize dwarf mosaic virus and transfer of resistance into sweet corn.
Rosenkranz E, Scott GE (1984) Determination of the number of genes for resistance to maize dwarf mosaic virus strain A in five corn inbred lines.
At College Station in 1992 and 1994, these lines were observed to be immune from natural infection of maize dwarf mosaic virus. From 1992 to 1994, these lines were planted in nursery sites infested with S.
The bulk is immune to damage caused by maize dwarf mosaic virus.
Maize dwarf mosaic virus in the Mid-South in the 1960s brought about a need for hybrids with tolerance of the virus, until improved herbicides reduced pressure from virus-harboring weeds.
Co-segregation of maize dwarf mosaic virus resistance gene mdm1, with the nucleolus organizer region of maize.
Insect resistance Bin location([dagger]) (population)([double dagger]) 1.07 2ECB([sections]: QTL (B73 x B52) 1.11 2ECB:QTL (B73 x B52) 3.04 2ECB: QTL (B73 x B52, B73 x DE811) 5.06 2ECB: QBL (B73 x DE811) 7.04 2ECB:QTL (B73 x B52, B73 x DE811) 9.05 2ECB:QTL (Mo17 x B52) 10.04 2ECB:QTL (B73 x B52, Mo17 x B52) Bin location([dagger]) Disease resistance 1.07 Cochliobalus carbonum Nelson (Carbonum leaf spot): hm1: Gibberella zeae (Schwen.) (Fusarium stalk rot): QTL 1.11 3.04 Fusarium stalk rot: QTL; Puccinia sorghi (Schwein.) (Common rust): rp,3; Maize dwarf mosaic virus; Wheat streak mosaic virus 5.116 Setosphaeria turcica (Luttrell) (Northern corn leaf blight): QTL 7.04 9.05 Carbonum leaf spot: hm2 10.04
Abbreviations: HPV, high plains virus; WSMV, wheat streak mosaic virus; WCM, wheat curl mite; MDMV, maize dwarf mosaic virus; ELISA, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay; RFLP, restriction fragment length polyrnorphism; SSR, simple sequence repeat.