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They spoke during a sensitisation meeting on water and sanitation at Tudor Catholic Church organised by Maji na Ufanisi, a non-governmental organisation.
Mr Festus Muthanji, an officer from Maji na Ufanisi, also urged the authorities to close all the boreholes constructed near septic tanks as they pose a health risk."Anyone who intends to construct a borehole should involve the county government for guidance and also have it registered," Mr Muthanji said.
Maji Na Ufanisi and Mombasa Water Action Group said out of a population of over 1.2 million, 25 per cent relies on water vendors.
But Imogen did see a positive side to the situation as Christian Aid has been working with local charity Maji Na Ufanisi, which is Swahili for Water and Development, to improve resources in the slum.
Nan visited two contrasting settlements, Kiambiu, which has received help from Christian Aid and its partner Maji na Ufanisi, and Matopeni, which is "on the waiting list".