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mDAPMeso-Diaminopimelic Acid (bacteriology)
mDAPMajor Defense Acquisition Program (US DoD)
mDAPMutual Defense Assistance Program
mDAPMysteries of the Divine Apprenticeship Program (Witches Collective)
mDAPMental Disability Advocacy Program
mDAPMulti Directory Access Protocol (multicast request)
mDAPMean Distal Aortic Pressure
mDAPMultiple-Direction Amplitude Panning (electronics)
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This law is also known as the Nunn--McCurdy Act for the principle sponsors of an amendment thereto requiring the DOD to report to Congress whenever a major defense acquisition program experiences cost overruns that exceed certain thresholds.
AARGM is a cooperative program with US Navy and the Italian Air Force and is an ACAT-I major defense acquisition program.
The primary role of DCARC is to collect historical and current Major Defense Acquisition Program and Major Automated Information System cost and software resource data in a joint service environment for use by authorized government analysts to estimate the cost of ongoing and future government programs.
The UH-72A is a Defense Acquisition Category (ACAT) I major defense acquisition program, and marked one of the most rapid introductions of a new aircraft in the U.
Some of the most significant mandates include a new requirement for the department to update Congress biannually on the implementation of acquisition reform in the department (Section 804), the establishment of a pilot program on time-certain development in acquisition of major weapon systems (Section 812), a requirement for the Milestone Decision Authority (MDA) of a Major Defense Acquisition Program (MDAP) to select the contract type used for development programs and document the rationale for that decision (Section 818), the establishment of a Strategic Materials Protection Board (Section 843) and the development of a strategy to enhance DOD Program Managers (PMs) in developing and carrying out Defense Acquisition programs (Section 853).
The program is currently designated as an ACAT ID major defense acquisition program, based on the total procurement value of over $10 billion.
The Act established the goal for Department of Defense (DOD) to ensure that within five years of enactment, that key positions are performed by properly qualified members of each Major Defense Acquisition Program (MDAP) and each Major Automated Information System Program (MAIS).
As a Major Defense Acquisition Program, however, all of the Air Force's plans for the MC2A, budgeted at some $338 million in FY03 alone, await the approval of the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), which has oversight over such high-value projects.
As an example, we recently calculated the net Major Defense Acquisition Program overrun penalty for the Services that the FY 2016 NDAA directed.
2 percent of the Pentagon's major defense acquisition program costs of $1.
Under this new legislation, Congress mandated that the Secretary of Defense require that each major defense acquisition program (MDAP) include in its acquisition strategies measures to ensure competition, or the option of competition, throughout a program's life cycle (Weapon Systems, 2009, [section] 202, p.