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The height of the new structure acting as a 'landmark', it responds well to the developed environment and aids in developing a major node.
This node has the least associated number and Shimbel index of all the major nodes in the State and thus represents the most accessible.
These devices include radio base stations, radio network controllers, and other major nodes in the wireless and wireline network.
In addition, the traffic load at 105 major nodes in the district indicate that over 500 vehicles ply on the Nagpur-Chandrapur road every hour.
A major goal was to create a reliable computer network with built-in network redundancy that would provide reliable communications between its major nodes as well as remote access to these same computing resources, even when parts of the network might fail.
Phase One of the project, covering the major nodes in Dublin is scheduled to be operational by the end of 2008.
The TNOSC remotely monitored all the major nodes and transmission systems in the GCCC information grid on a 24x7 basis.
Researchers conducted experiments in which they simulated what would happen if a disaster crippled major nodes of the Internet--places that house the equipment where Internet traffic is collected and distributed.
Really big cities have intermediate pimples at major nodes in the transport network in between.
CISCO AND BREEZECOM were awarded a contract by the Romanian Ministry of Education to upgrade the Higher Education Network, a national networking backbone with major nodes in six cities and links to all the country's universities as well as non-profit scientific and cultural institutions.
Eve Sedgwick begins her remarkable book, The Epistemology of the Closet, with this ringing claim: "Epistemology of the Closet proposes that many of the major nodes of thought and knowledge in twentieth-century Western culture as a whole are structured -- indeed fractured -- by a chronic, now endemic crisis of homo/heterosexual definition, indicatively male, dating from the end of the nineteenth century.
it's got technical talent - Internet developer Milo Medin has designed a new fiber network that runs parallel to the Net with connections to its major nodes.