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MIWMisconduct Involving Weapons
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MIWMental Inquest Warrant
MIWMobile Information Worker
MIWModernization Input Worksheet
MIWMarketing Information Warehouse
MIWMechanical Impact Wrench
MIWMen in White Painting Service Pty Ltd
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We couldn't take years making a movie, so we had to prove that we could make it work mechanically.
So on Due South, for example, when you write an episode you know that its writers' department is full of talented people and they are going to mess around with the script to make it work for their production needs, to make it work for Paul Gross, for the guest star, for the music they got that week that Paul has written, so on and so forth.
If a line wasn't working, they would try for 20 minutes to make it work, then they would turn to me helplessly, and I would say I would fix it because things don't always work.