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The scheme was a combination of hard and soft works, dredging, and making space for water.
For example, MFFP's Making Space for Water Project, a Defra/ Environment Agency funded project investigating the impact of blanket bog restoration on flood risk.
Dr Anderson said: "It's thought to be part of the solution to making space for water.
Making Space for Water (1) sets out a new holistic and strategic approach to flood and coastal risk management for the next 20 years, and is set to replace the 1993 Strategy for Flood and Coastal Defence.
The Department for Environment, Food and Rural affairs recently published Making Space for Water, its own report looking at how to handle rising rainfall.
Making Space For Water outlines a 20-year strategy for England and will replace the current policy for flood and coastal defence, which is 11 years old.
Another project in the Making Space for Water strategy involves restoring the natural flood plain of the River Till in Northumberland, which has seen floodbanks removed and the creation of 20 ponds and 140 hectares of wetland.
THE Making Space for Water programme is one of the Environment Agency's top policies.
Other projects that include this Making Space for Water concept are the River Till Floodplain Restoration Project, Northumberland 4shores and the River Team at Gateshead.
Launching the plans, named Making Space For Water, Environment Minister Elliot Morley said: "Climate change means we may well see worse flooding in the future.
The Government yesterday outlined proposals for tackling flooding and coastal erosion in the consultation paper Making Space For Water.
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