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MEWSModified Early Warning Score (NHS, hospital patients)
MEWSModified Early Warning System
MEWSMalaria Early Warning System
MEWSMotorcycle Enthusiasts of the Western Suburbs (Illinois)
MEWSMissile Early Warning Station
MEWSMicrowave Electronic Warfare System
MEWSMission-Essential Weapon System
MEWSMissile Electronic Warfare System
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Rainfall monitoring and prediction constitute a key component of the World Health Organization's Malaria Early Warning Systems for sub-Saharan Africa, and of tools developed by the Roll Back Malaria (RBM) Technical Support Network on Prevention and Control of Epidemics (19,20).
(19.) Malaria early warning systems: concepts, indicators and partners--a framework for field research in Africa.
Recent advances in research on malaria early warning systems are potentially useful to reduce the effects of epidemics, but they are associated with challenges that face most developing countries.
Malaria early warning systems, a framework for field research in Africa: concepts, indicators and partners WHO/CDS/ RBM/2001.32.