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MALASMaster of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences (San Diego State University; San Diego, CA)
MALASMidwest Association of Latin American Studies
MALASMaster of Arts in Latin American Studies (degree)
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MAF does not have plans to go public in 2013 or 2014, Malas said.
I felt that this attitude clashed with the transparency promoted by Malas as the banner of his campaign.
Bikawi setting the fastest lap of 42.2 seconds, Malas half a second slower and Al Ansary a quarter of a second adrift of Malas.
No major surprises were seen in the first round of the election apart perhaps from Malas' overall percentage and Anastasiades' apparently lower-than-expected approval rating of 35.5 per cent.
It is an impressive achievement that nobody could question, least of all his rival candidate Malas, backed by Akel, whose mismanagement of the economy drove the country to the brink.
Malas cruised into today's run-off, comfortably defeating his main challenger, Nikolas 2018 last Sunday and setting up a showdown with Prez Nik, who finished only five percentage points ahead of him.
In his address after the runoff election was over, Malas thanked those who believed, supported and worked for his candidacy "from the bottom of his heart".
Calling on 'employees who struggle to get by every month, professionals worried about their work, young people struggling to find a job, or forced to accept a pittance of a salary', to vote for and trust him, Malas pledged transparency and a free unified country.
Akel chief Andros Kyprianou was on a damage-control mission after social media denizens heavily trolled Malas for his reliance on his tablet during the debate.
Malas is expected to tap the person to head the finance ministry on Wednesday during the course of a televised debate with his opponent in the runoff ballot, incumbent President Nicos Anastasiades.
In a written statement on Monday, Malas said a new social majority had been created, which wanted true, creative and hopeful change.
Though he had an early lead over Malas, the tide turned quickly for Papadopoulos in Pancyprian results, though the Diko leader won overwhelmingly in Paphos with 37.9 per cent of the vote compared with 27.1 per cent for Anastasiades and 24.01 per cent for Malas in the coastal town.