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Finally, it should be noted that The Malayan Union controversy by Albert Lau is incorrectly attributed to this reviewer (p.
Although the Malays who had led the resistance to the Malayan Union had planned a multi-ethnic future, more conservative Malays insisted that UMNO be communally Malay.
(4) The insurgency challenged intercommunal relations that had already been seriously damaged by the Japanese Occupation, the immediate post-war racial clashes and the Malayan Union controversy.
Following the Malayan Union controversy and the introduction of the Federation of Malaya Agreement in February 1948, relations between the communities had deteriorated largely because of stricter citizenship requirements for the non-Malays and the fact that the constitutional discussions had only been held between British and Malay leaders.
The Manchester Guardian, in reporting the 'Agreed Views' of the CLC, recognised that the committee was able to reach agreement on a range of issues that would not have been possible a year or two earlier at the height of the Malayan Union controversy: 'This is heartening.
He emphasises the British refusal to listen to protests against the dropping of more liberal citizenship proposals and of the Malayan Union Constitution of 1946 and refusing to listen to the 1947 protests, (18) the increase in repression of labour organisation, and the new Trade Union legislation of May 1948.
Stenson, Industrial conflict, or repression and revolt: The origins of the 1948 communist insurrection in Malaya and Singapore, and 'The Malayan Union and the historians', Journal of Southeast Asian History, 10, 2 (1969): 344-54.
(7) While the generally posited reason for the reversal of the Malayan Union plans is Malay opposition to the plans (see for example, B.
The withdrawal from India, granting of independence to Burma, and abandonment of the plan for Malayan Union marked a reassessment of policy for the region.
Thus, just as in the political realm policy-makers saw a chance to re-order the chaotic pre-war melange of States and Settlements into a single Malayan Union, officials made grand plans for rationalizing the ramshackle organization of Malayan production.
In early 1947, the Director, Industry and Commerce in the Malayan Union circulated a paper on "The Commercial and Industrial Development of Malaya".
Stockwell, "Colonial Planning during World War II: the Case of Malaya", Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History 2, 3 (1974): 333-51 and British Policy and Malay Politics during the Malayan Union Experiment, 1942-1948 (Kuala Lumpur: Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, 1979), pp.