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X[not an acronym] Last name taken by some Nation of Islam members
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Malcolm X visited Smethwick on February 12, 54 years ago, to investigate the treatment of black and Asian workers and families in Smethwick.
Three years after Malcolm X's death, King was assassinated, too.
Known for his oratory skills, here are (https://www.malcolmx.com/quotes/) ten quotes by Malcolm X:
Last month, Erdogan met Malcolm X's daughters during a visit to New York.
Many prominent reviews of Malcolm X did not care to delineate in detail the discrepancies between Lee's film and the historical record partly, one suspects, because the writers of such pieces had little knowledge of the subject.
By contrast, Malcolm X's formative years were a history of predominantly white reform schools and foster homes, virtually flunking high school, becoming a street hustler (known as 'Detroit Red')--a pimp, thief and drug peddler.
Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X were united by their defiance of injustice
While Malcolm X used the yardstick metaphor to describe how cultures defined extremism, I believe the yardstick metaphor would also make a useful heuristic for WPAs when selecting educational materials for their courses.
Malcolm X spent his formative years in Lansing and Detroit, which he came to see as representative of the African-American experience across the country.
The Night Malcolm X Spoke at the Oxford Union is not a microhistory of the evening of 3 December 1964, when Malcolm X graced the British institution to debate the notion, "Extremism in defence of liberty is no vice, and moderation in the pursuit of vice is no virtue." Nor is it a Rashomon-like tale that compares different recollections of the debate that X and the Scottish nationalist Hugh MacDiarmid lost to the liberal Conservative MP Humphry Berkeley and the Labour peer Lord Stoneham by 228 votes to 137.
Synopsis: The provocative debate about Malcolm X's legacy that emerged after the publication of Manning Marable's 2011 biography raised critical questions about the revolutionary Black Nationalist's importance to American and world affairs: What was Malcolm's association with the Nation of Islam?
The 16 essays in this volume draw on Malcolm X's early life in Michigan to examine key themes in black studies, by scholars in the field from the US.